Raja Ampat as an Awesome Vacation Destination to Visit

Raja Ampat is one great holiday destination that will give a tremendous amount of joy and excitement. Indeed, there will be no roller coaster here, but its natural beauty definitely makes your heart skips a beat. 

You will not die because of this, of course, as it is only an expression that is very common to be experienced by people visiting this place. It is practically possible for people to say that Raja Ampat is just like other islands upon seeing some pictures. 

However, you will change your mind after visiting this place, particularly because what you see is different from what you feel. Here are some great things about this island site. You will consider Raja Ampat as an awesome vacation destination that you will visit.

Royal Legend

What makes this place great is not merely because of its view. Rather it is also because of traditional value represent through history or past stories. Raja Ampat – literally translated into Four Kings – is based on a story of a married couple discovering 5 eggs after work near the river of Waikeo. 

Those eggs were eventually hatched 4 boys and 1 girls wearing royal outfits, and that was why they were considered as royal families. The boys namely Betani, Dohar, Mohamad, and War become the King of the islands. Indeed, even though it is not written a legend, but people originated from this islands know about this story quite well.
Raja Ampat as an Awesome Vacation Destination to Visit
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Things to do

To the point of vacation, there are actually many things that can be done on this island. Similar to other islands in the universe, one main thing that is dedicated to tourism or vacation is a natural beauty. The sea connecting each island in this region is surely amazing. With its turquoise blue impression combined with the blue sky in the morning, it will be a great thing to see when visiting this area. 

Moreover, the made-in-nature rocks, cliffs, and beaches always welcome any visitors with their characterized patterns. In order to see all of those beauties, it is possible to explore the area using the small boat which is also made locally. 

In addition to seeing stuff, it is practically possible to do other fun stuff. Fishing, feeding, snorkeling, diving, trekking, and kayaking are common activities that visitors do while spending their previous movements in this heaven-for-all islands. 

Another nice thing is that visitors are allowed to join in crafting local gifts mainly sculpture. Since it is quite rare to find artist making sculpture from Raja Ampat, knowing and owning the sculpture will be an awesome thing in life.
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Getting into Raja Ampat

In order to go this amazing place, one cannot directly reach it using airplane because it does not have an airport here. The visitors need to go to Sorong Airport or formally known as Domine Eduard Osok Sorong Airport. Since it is not an international airport, it is impossible to go directly to this airport as well. 

The solution is going through Ujung Pandang Makassar Airport before going to Sorong. Indeed, it is quite complicated in the process especially for foreigners, but it is worth to note that visiting Makassar as secondary vacation target is also quite interesting.