The Incredible Beauty of Komodo Island

Komodo Island is the quite interesting place to visit in Indonesia. Despite the fact that Komodo is quite a dangerous animal, it does not make people afraid to see them on the Island. Indeed, the population of the Komodo is not like chicken or pigs, and that is another reason why there is no need to be afraid of those dragons. 

Recognized as one of great wonder of nature in the world, this island obviously has an attractive value that contributes to its greatness, it si also because of the beauty of komodo Island itself. As a great place to visit, there are supposed to be many things that can be done in this islands. This island is located in southern part of Indonesia specifically in Nusa Tenggara Timur, and it is fairly fun to go to this island.

Things to do in Komodo Island

Walking and seeing are two things that are quite fun to do on this island. Circling the island or known as trekking is definitely a great option to do on this island because the natural environment does not allow some vehicles into the deep of island. Depending on the traveling agent the guide may take the visitors hiking to Ara Mountain which is quite fun and tiring.

The Incredible Beauty of Komodo Island
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On the way, it is also possible to see a special place for Komodo to stop and drinking. In addition to simply walking and seeing things, it is possible to do more interesting activities such as snorkeling and diving. Previously, we have discussed raja Ampat Island with a great variety of fish. 

In Komodo Island, it is possible to find beautiful corals without diving too far and deep. There are three nice spots for this purpose namely Batu Samsia, Toko, and Crystal Rock. Each has the maximum depth to achieve maximum excitement of natural beauty, and it is important to visit all of them effectively when vacation.

More Good Sites to Visit
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There are some other areas that are worth to visit. The first is known as Pink Beach. It is called that way because of its sand color that is pinkish or reddish. According to some researchers, the sand turns pinkish because of shattered corrals combined with original sands on the beach. This place is truly great especially those who are looking for great background for photos. 

How to get there

After knowing the greatness of Komodo Island, people will be tempted to go there. Fortunately, this place is far more reachable than some other islands in Indonesia. To go to this area, visitors can find the route from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo will be the gathering point from 3 possible ways (air, water, and ground) to reach Komodo Island.
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After reaching Labuan Bajo, now it is time to take the ferry to the main Komodo Island. This tourism destination is absolutely great even though it is considered not as cheap as other islands in Indonesia.

Word of warning

Komodo dragon is wild animal even though it is not that aggressive. Even so, it is important to make sudden loud noise because it attracts Komodo’s sensitive hearing ability. As a predator, Komodo also has the excellent smelling ability and it can sense blood from miles away. That way, it is advised for period women to have more protection and attention from guide and friends.