Tips on Spending Your Holiday in Makassar

Visiting Sulawesi (Celebes) island will not complete without step your foot on Makassar. Nowadays, Makassar becomes one of the famous holiday destinations in Indonesia. Makassar is a capital city of South Celebes. It is one of the metropolitan cities in eastern of Indonesia. Spending your holiday in Makassar won’t be disappointing. There are several recommended places that you are able to choose when you are spending your holiday in. 

Here you are able to find various types of vacation spots; you could discover even beach, museum, historical places, and so recreation park. So it is a good place to spend the holiday either with your family, spouse, or your best friends. To know more about recommended vacation places, here are the lists:

Makassar Trans Studio

Makassar Trans Studio is the second biggest indoor recreation park in Indonesia. Its width is 2.7 hectare and consists of 22 different rides. Those rides are divided into 4 different and unique theme parks. Those theme parks are Magic Corner, Kids Studio, The Lost City, and also Studio Central. Each theme has different types of rides. 

You are able to bring all of members of your family to this recreation park, even your youngest children. Its Kids Studio zone is suitable for under age children. The other theme zone is studio central; here you are able to watch 4D movie, and learn about broadcasting activity. 

Besides, there is also an educational ride, it is Science Centre. Then to drive on your adrenaline you can try rides in Magic Corner and The Lost City zone. The ticket price on weekday is 100.000 rupiahs and for weekend is 150.000 rupiahs.

Losari Beach

This is the most popular beach in Makassar. It is located to the west of Makassar city. This beach is famous with its comfortable ambience; this beach is usually used by people to do sport, relax their body, and also do culinary tour. Its fresh air and beautiful scenery is a best friend to accompany you spending the holiday. 

Tips on Spending Your Holiday in Makassar
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Watching sunset in this beach gives you an awesome nocturne. What does make this beach more special? Its free Wi-Fi, it is provided along the shore. So, here you are able to spend your holiday while connecting with your online friends
Fort Rotterdam

This is a historical building, which was built in Gowa-Tallo Empire era. It is situated at beach to the west of Makassar. In this site you will find many historical building which still drew up till now. Its historical values appear in its 13 buildings and 5 towers. The style of colonial building is able to feel from every building. 

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There is also a Museum in Fort Rotterdam complex; it is a La Galigo Museum. This site is opened every day from 8 am till 6 pm and for the Museum it is opened from Tuesday till Wednesday, from 8 am till 12.30 pm. And it may cost Rp.7.500 for each people to get into the museum. Thus are wonderful and awesome places to spend your time in Makassar. Your holiday in Makassar won’t be just so-so.