Discovering Awesome Places to Visit in Lampung

Lampung is the southernmost province of Sumatera. This province is divided into 12 regencies.  It abuts on Bengkulu and Sunda strain. Lampung offers a beautiful panorama of nature. It now becomes one of tourism destination in Sumatera. 

It is also near with Jakarta it’s about 4 hours’ journey. From Jakarta you go through Merak port, and arrived in Bakauheni. Okay for further tourism information, let’s check out these awesome places to visit in Lampung:

1. Way Kambas National Park 

Lampung is popular with its Elephant Conservation. Here is a place to know how elephant learn to live in wild life. The type of Elephant which is conserved in Way Kambas National Park is Elephas Maximus Sumatranus. 

Discovering Awesome Places to Visit in Lampung
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This conservation area has been built since 1985, at first time it was built to be an Elephant Training Centre, it was the first Elephant Training Centre in Indonesia. 

But, several years ago it was changed into Elephant Conservation Centre considering that Sumatra Elephant population was decreasing year to year. Visiting this national part will give you another experience that you probably never have that before. 

2. Siger Tower 

Siger Tower is a landmark of Lampung. This tower acts as zero point of south Sumatra. It was built in 2008. This building is coloured dominated by yellow and red. It has 7 tilt roofs and one the biggest and highest in its central.
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Siger Tower is a unique building. So, for you who like to take a picture or just having a selfie pose, this Siger Tower will suit you best. It can be indicated you that you have ever gone to Lampung. 

3. Pahawan Island 

As Lampung is situated in the end of island, it has several small islands surrounding the province. Pahawan Island is one of the Virgin Islands in around Lampung. Pahawan Island is located in Punduh Padada subdistrict, Pasawaran Regency, South Lampung.
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The first place you should visit in Pahawan is Kiara Beach. This beach is totally natural its white sand and clear water remind you about Gili Trawangan and feel like you were there. In this beach you can also do diving activity to see a beautiful creature inside the water. 

4. Krakatau Mountain

Exploring Krakatau Mountain or just visiting it will complete your holiday in Lampung. Even from the far distance Karakatau could be seen drawing up stoutly. Knowing by its huge eruption makes Karakatau looks tough. 

To go to Krakatau you have to take permission from house of Lampung Conservation. Today Krakatau is counted as conservation area, so you cannot go in and out as you like. 

5. Putri Malu Waterfall
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This spot is located in Juku Batu, Banjit subdistrict, Way Kanan regency, Lampung. Its location isn’t too difficult to know; it is about 46 km from Capital City of Way Kanan regency. The name Putri Malu is derived from its waterfall shape which tends to side-curved so it looks like it is shy. Putri Malu Waterfall is rather high; it is about 80 meter. 

Thus are list to discover good places to visit in Lampung when you spending your vacation on it. One or two days are not enough to exploring those great places in Lampung.