Several Hidden Facts about Vietnam War You Should Know!

Have you ever heard about one of the most controversial wars in the history? Well, some of you might ever heard about Vietnam War but do not know a lot about this war and the facts about Vietnam war. This war is kind of full of controversy with many hidden facts about it. 

Some people might get the misconception about this war and many of you will not know about the real fact of this controversial war. As to give you more information about it, here is the list of some facts of this war for you.

The first thing that you have to know about the facts about Vietnam war is the abandonment that is done by CIA about the “secret war”. In 1961, there were 9000 Hmong guerillas, which are the men from Laos that were volunteered to the war. Actually, at the beginning of the war, Hmong stated that they are neutral, but the fact, there were not the neutral side of this war. 

Hidden Facts about Vietnam War

The number of Hmong guerillas were about 20.000 in the past 1965 ant it was an enough number for a troops in that war. The supply for NVA or North Vietnamese Army was destroyed by Hmong guerillas, and it was one of the problem at that time. Many people do not know about the real fact of Hmong and NVA, since CIA did something like abandonment to this one.

Another thing that you might do not know about the facts about Vietnam War is that about the volunteered. Of course, we might know that some men decide to be volunteer to this war, but some of them resist to be drafted as volunteer. However, the number of men who were volunteered to the war is very high. 

The statistic said that about 9.087,000 personnel were joining the war, but the list was only about 1,728,344 men. Besides the number of drafted men was too high, another fact is that there were so many old men joining the war. Yes, the participants were not merely the young men who wanted to join the war. 

Hidden Facts about Vietnam
For instance, the oldest man that known died in the Vietnam War was Kenna Clyde Taylor. He was died in 63 years old, so he was not in the young age when he was enlisted. Besides that, still many other fathers and sons enlisted together and fought in Vietnam War on the list.

Another fact related with the facts about Vietnam War is that inequality of the draft. Some of you might already know about social inequality in the draft related with Vietnam War. Besides that, the fact about the draft is that the drafting was randomized completely. The men who were volunteered to this war was actually chosen with 366 capsules, which were contain about each day in a year. 

You have to know that the draw was firstly started with September 14 on it, so, all men who were born on September 14 should get the draft. 

However, you have to know another fact about the Vietnam War which was about the men who joined the war were dominant of Caucasian. It was about 88,4 percent of men who joined the war were Caucasian, and many of them were died in the war.

One thing more about the facts about Vietnam War is that about the spies. You have to know that America very need to know anything related with Vietnam at that time, so that they need to have many spies to work with them and gave any information related with Vietnamese.  To be the spies of United States was a very dangerous job to do. 

Actually, most of the transactions in the spies’ recruitment were not dealing with any money as the payment, but it was mostly about the barter in the societies. The payment was in some form, such as using the rice and many others commodities. 

However, not all spies were thinking about the rice as their first need, so that they also did not think if they also will need other kinds of commodities. For the solution, the spies were given with the Sears catalog. From the catalog, they can see many commodities there, and they will choose the things that they need.

Besides that, have you ever think about the fact of many people were wounded in this war? This is become one of many facts about Vietnam War. Wounded in a war should be not a good thing and it could be a deep wound or something else. The wound that suffer each person in that war probably might result in any bleeding wound. 

So, the doctors should have a good problem solving in this problem. At that time, the problem solving was called as super glue. 

This is something like medicine that could hold any kind of bleeding wound, and it was applied to get stem bleeding in a short time, especially for the soldier before they get the time to get the surgery.

Another thing that you have to know and you might curious about is the live after the war in Vietnam. It probably one of the most wanted facts about Vietnam War that many people really want to know about. This is about the live after the war. 

Actually, many people might think that many Vietnam Veterans were poorly treated after they back to their home. However, that is not the main story that dominant, actually. Some of Americans still have their good veterans’ year. Besides that, they also successes to back to the normal live as civilian after the war.

Facts about Vietnam War

The last fact about this war that you have to know is that United States was not alone  in facing the war. US was backed up by several countries, such as, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia. 

Meanwhile, the number of backup soldier was also not joking. For instance, South Korea sent their army to the Vietnam about 312,853 men. It was quiet big number, thought. That is all the information for you related with the Vietnam War. So, what do you think about all of those facts about Vietnam War?