5 Makeup Techniques to Create a Sexy Look

The power of the woman to steal the attention from men is seen from the physical appearance. Having an ideal body should be completed by the good facial image. Sexy image is the one that women like to get. 

However, such image cannot only be able to be built with a good body shape. You can actually make such a sexy look with the makeup. This is such a good thing for women to come out so beautifully with the right makeup. Then, how to make it out? Here are several things about makeup techniques to create a sexy look

- Put on the concealer 

The first thing that you have to do in order to create a sexy look is by concealer. This is a good one to hide the imperfect things on the face like freckles or dark circle. You need to apply the concealer in several places like under the eye where the dark circles are on. 

Makeup Techniques to Create a Sexy Look
Then, behind your nose which sometimes makes you out. In applying the concealer, it will be better if you dab it gently with your pinky finger. Do not rub it off in applying the concealer since it makes you tear the skin in the eye area. 

- Put the natural eye shadow 

When you are done putting on the concealer in several areas, you can apply the eye shadow on the eye lids. If you prefer to have a sexy natural look, it will be recommended if you select hued pink in your eyes. The other two recommended colors that you can have is gold or brown. 

Those are very good in making your look natural but still catch the attention of the people. You need to apply it using brush from the corner to another one. Then, you need to make it with another shade in the upper eyelids that you have. 

- Apply the eyeliner 

To get the sexy look through the makeup, you need to strengthen your eyes. Eyes are where you can meet the other ones to convince you. Hence, the power must be on them. 

Well, you can apply the eyeliner to make your eyes getting sharper. On the other hand, you can actually have several choices of eyeliner, such as, gel eyeliner, pencil liner or liquid liner. 

- Curl up the lashes 

You can make your eyes get more stunning by make it curly. Use eyelash curler before you make it up with mascara. Apply it gently to make you more beautiful. 

To make the sexy image get so true, then you need to add the highlighter. Apply it in the area near the eyes. It will have a good effect to come. 

Those are the makeup techniques to create a sexy look. It makes you look natural yet sexy whenever come out with such thing. This is very easy and simple to do, but it improves your look so much more. Well, you can try it to steal your crush.