The Most Magical Tourist Attraction Around The World as The Must Visited Place

Holiday is coming! Some people have prepared the trip for refreshing. Some of them like to do the trip with their family or friends and the others like to travel alone. The places that can be visited are the tourism sites that have the own attraction. 

Have you ever think to visit to the most magical tourist attraction place? It must be something new and fantastic if you have not visit some places of them yet. Actually, there are so many fantastic magical tourism sites which are not too far from other beautiful sites. So, here are the magical tourist attraction places around the world. 

Bioluminenescent Bay, Puerto Rico

First, when you come to Puerto Rico you have to visit the shining beach of Bioluminenescent Bay. You might be questioning, what’s there? Bioluminenescent Bay is the most beautiful magical beach which has the blue light on the edge of beach. 

most magical tourist attraction place

You can be amazingly amazed by its beautiful blue lights. In the fact, the blue light on the edge of Bioluminenescent Bay comes from the microorganisms which live under the sea to the edge of beach. When the night comes, it will be filled by the beautiful blue light.

Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park 

The second the most magical tourist attraction place is Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park which has the beautiful painting-like mountain. When you look at the picture of the mountain in Zhangye Danxia National geological Park you must think that it was the edited picture because it has the wonderful color like a rainbow which makes it called as the rainbow mountain. 

Do you want to take a picture with the rainbow mountain as the background? You can visit to Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park in Province of Gansu.

Door to Hell, Derweze-Turkmenistan

For the third the most magical tourist attraction place, you can visit to Derweze, Turkmenistan where Door to Hell is. 

You might know about this place from some media which there is a big hole in Dewrze that the fire are never ending to come out there. The blaze in the Door to Hell is never died out even it becomes larger and larger. Do you dare to visit the Door to Hell?
Hillier Lake, Australia

For the fourth the most magical tourist attraction place, you can find it in Australia. There is the tremendous pink lake which called as Hillier Lake. When it is seen from the sky, it will looks like beautiful pink color water in the middle of the grass. 

The scientist proved the pink color from Hillier Lake comes from the million microorganism and bacteria which live in there. Although there are millions of microorganism and bacteria in the Hillier Lake, they are not dangerous so it will safe if you want to swimming and diving in the beautiful pink Hillier Lake.

Yellowstone Geyser, USA

When you are in the USA, you may visit to the Yellowstone Geyser in Wyoming. Some sources said that the Yellowstone Geyser or also called as the Grand Prismatic Spring is claimed as the biggest geyser in the world. 

However, the Grand Prismatic Spring is not for the hot water bath so that you can only do sightseeing. If you look from the sky, it will looks like an eye with the blue color in the middle. 

In the other hand, you can also see it as the geyser that has beautiful color. Although we do not look it from the sky, you can still see the color of blue, green, yellow and orange that combined each other from the middle side to the outside. 

Fly Geyser In Washoe, Nevada

For another geyser that can be the most magical tourist attraction place is Fly Geyser in Washoe, Nevada. Fly Geyser or Fly Ranch Geyser was created accidently in 1917 for water well. 

However, it spouted the hot water and became the geyser. In the fact, it could not be used for the people there because of the water temperature was so high. By the time, the sprout hot water from the hole created the color around the rocks. 

Crystal Cave, Iceland

Do you want to see the most tremendous scenery of Crystal Cave? You can visit to Skaftafell in Iceland. 

As we know that Iceland has the icy condition that is the best place for people who want to enjoy the breeze atmosphere. What make it is wonderful is in Crystal Cave you can see the beautiful crystal which are like bubble water freeze. When you are inside of the cave you will feel like in the fantasy world.


Still in Iceland, there is also the beautiful place that must be visited.  Godafoss Iceland must be tge tremendous natural scenery. At the first time, you will be familiar with the scenery in the movie of Thor. Godafoss itself means the waterfall of God and Goddess in the mythology of Nordic. 

Apostle Ice Cave in Apostle Island

If you like the extreme temperature, you can also visit to Apostle Ice Cave in Apostle Island. Like Crystal Cave in Iceland, you can also feel the low temperature sensation with the tremendous ice on the top of cave. 

Superior Lake, Wisconsin America

If you want to feel this extremely tremendous sensation of the most magical tourist attraction place to visit, you can come to Superior Lake, Wisconsin America. Don’t forget to bring the warmest clothes if you do not want to be an ice there.

Lovina Beach, Bali Indonesia

Then, if you want to take your holiday in the exotic place but still want to visit to one of the most magical tourist attraction place, Bali is the best choice. Lovina Beach is the best palce for you who want to meet the beautiful dolphin. Different from the aquatic sites, in the Lovina Beach you can see the natural habitat of dolphins. You have to use boat to the place where the dolphins usually are at the time around 6 until 8 AM.

The Most Magical Tourist Attraction Around The World
So, what are you waiting? Which place that you want to visit for your holiday? It must be the greater one if you can visit to one of the most magical tourist attraction place around the world. Make sure that you have to prepare well to your tremendous trip.