7 Most Scary History About Indonesia

Indonesia which is located in Southeast Asia is one of the country having such a long history, especially its history of colonialism there. 

For you who want to know more about Indonesia, you need to know that there is a most frightening history of Indonesia when this country is colonized by Netherlands and Japan, and also after Indonesia got its Independence Day.  

1. Genocide of Indonesian by Japanese shoulder

To begin with, there is a genocide of Indonesian by Japanese shoulder. In the Japanese colonialism era in Indonesia, this genocide is one of the most frightening histories in Indonesia. 

At that time, Indonesian who are adult, especially those who are foreman were killed in a sadistic way. This tragedy was in 1943 to 1945 in which those years were the time Japan colonize Indonesia.

Most Scary History About Indonesia
2. Chinese Genocide in 1740

For the second tragedy of genocide was in 1740, it was when Netherlands was the colonizer. This genocide was done toward Chinese ethnic in Indonesia. 

Since the existence of Chinese ethnic at that time was one of the obstacles of Netherlands to colonize Indonesia, so many Chinese were killed. They were shot or killed in a sadistic way. More than 7.500 Chinese people were killed in this tragedy.

3. Compulsory Work of Daendels

Then, the compulsory work was another tragedy happened in 1808 - 1809. In this tragedy, Indonesian people or called as pribumi were forced to do a compulsory work. 

At that time, this compulsory work led by General Herman Willem Daendels was done to build a street from Anyer to Panarukan. 

Indonesian workers did not get any water, even food in building the street. Besides, they had to work nonstop, and for those who were sick, they did not get any medicine.  

4. Genocide of Westerling in South Sulawesi

The other genocide as one of the most frightening history in Indonesia is a genocide of Westerling. Done by Westerling, there were many people in South Sulawesi killed. 

Those who were killed were the rebellion from this province. This genocide happened in 1946 to 1947, and thousands Indonesian becomes the victims of this tragedy. 

5. Romusha 

In the era of Japanese colonialism, there was a compulsory work called Romusha. This compulsory work also made many Indonesian people were killed since they did not get any food and water when they work for Japan. 

6. Tragedy of G30SPKI

For the other most frightening history which is very frightening is the tragedy of G30SPKI. In this tragedy, there were 10 armies, in this case, those who were Captain to General of Indonesian Army. This tragedy was done by the rebellion called PKI. 

Those armies were kidnapped on 30 September so that the tragedy was called as the tragedy of G30SPKI. The armies who were kidnapped then killed and the bodies were thrown away in a well called Lubang Buaya. 

most frightening history of Indonesia
7. Genocide of PKI's members

The tragedy which happened in 1965-1966 becomes one of the most frightening histories of Indonesia. 

There were many people who were the member of the rebellion organization of PKI were killed and their bodies were thrown away in the river called Muara Angke.