The Incredible Central Java Water Adventure

Adventure is always fun, and people are trying their best to find some new places to adventure. Even though adventure is often related to strong people who have great muscles, it is actually not limited to such kind of person. 

Adventure is completely fine for anyone who has a brave heart to conquer the site. Here will be listed some of those water adventure places and they will be great for the next holiday.

Curug Bengkawah

The first on the list is Curug Bengkawah which is located in northern part of the province. It is located in a small village known as Sikasur, Pemalang regency. Reaching this place is not really difficult especially for those who take their own vehicle particularly motorcycle. 

The Incredible Central Java Water Adventure
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However, it does not mean it is completely unreachable for those who do not have a private vehicle. The solution is simply to use motorcycle taxi service because it is fairly easy to find some. Curug Bengkawah is basically waterfall (curug) with its height measured roughly at 14 meters. 

Those who want swim also can try the 5-meter depth river which is completely safe even though some people are afraid to the myth spreading around this waterfall. After all, this is one great place to begin the water adventure in central java.
Curug Sewu Kendal

Another nice water adventure is located in Kendal which is an adjacent city to Semarang. The adventure will also be waterfall adventure, but it is definitely more exciting. The reason is because the water flow is greater than curug Bengkawah. 

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Additionally, there are also some nice public features that will make the journey less daunting. The sign upon entering the site is the sculpture of honored Baladewa, and it is actually not a thing to concern, though. Moving further into the waterfall, the visitors must take hundreds of stair to reach the bottom. 

The journey will be super fun and be more organized. This one is great for foreigners who need guidance to explore Indonesian natural miracle. To reach this place, it is recommended to use a private vehicle or rented one because there is no public transportation in the direction.

Curug Tujuh Bidadari

Seven Angels Waterfall – as literally translated – is another great location in central java to visit. Located in northern part of the province, Ungaran Semarang, it is blessed with natural beauty that people even cannot imagine. 

This waterfall is called that way because legend has it that there were seven angels coming from the sky to take a bath on this site. 

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This waterfall is actually not the only gift that any person can enjoy because there are some other beautiful sites around the Ungaran Mountain. In order to reach this area, the first thing to do is to find out how to go to Sumowono sub-district. From this point, it will be so much easier to go to the waterfall.
All of those mentioned waterfalls are great places to go when holiday. Even so, it is not suggested to go for the weekend because there are billions – exaggerated – people coming into this place.