Several Unique and Unusual Schools In the World that You Should Know

School is a place where we can get education and knowledge. It teaches us many things, like information about social, civilization, history, science, P.E, and so on. In addition, it will nurture as in an environment that can build our character. The setting of school will be normally like a hue building with one or more floor, with a yard in the front and it has classes. 

In classes, we commonly see things like the desks, tables, boards and so on. However, you know that there are several schools that seem to be unusual. They are found in several parts of the world. Here are the unusual schools in the world that you should know: 

- Witch School 

Those who are fond of the phenomenal novel and film, Harry Potter must have got fever of dreaming of enrolling in a witch school. Well, if you like so, then you can actually find it in real. There is a witch school which is located in Salem. 

 Unusual Schools In the World

There are about more than 40,000 students take the online classes. In addition, those who want to take the real class can also join it. Here, the school teaches the students about the witchcraft to organize the witch around the world. 

- Harvey Milk School 

The second unusual school in this world is Harvey Milk School. It is located in New York, USA. One thing that makes it different from other schools is about the students. It is open for any students regardless of the sexual orientation that each student has. 

Hence, those who are gay, lesbians, transgender, and bisexual and so on are welcome to enroll to this school. This school is officially open by gay rights politicians and activists. 

Here, the students who got discriminated from the society due to the identity will have a right to live as the other human should be.

- Dhongzong Mid Cave Primary School

How do you feel when your class is actually in a cave? It seems to be very unusual right? It is actually real in the Republic of China. 

Unique Schools In the World

It is located in Guizhou which is known as the poorest province in the country. As a consequence, it makes the people there like to freely build up a school, like this cave. 

In order to pursue the knowledge, the students should take about six hours going to the school. However, the China government closes the school right now. It is about the development that China made these days.

- Brooklyn Free School

This school seems to be very unique since it has no curriculum. As its name, free means that the students are free to do anything they want. 

The rules are made by themselves. Even, they have right to stay away from the school if they want. However, it is criticized by some people since it is lack of the curriculum. 

Those are the things about the unusual schools in the world. Sometimes, it is hard to understand about their existence, but they are real.