Visit Bangka Belitung, The Beauty that You Cannot Deny

Bangka Belitung is one islandic place in Indonesia, and it is quite famous because of its beautiful scenery. As one province in Indonesia, this one actually makes Indonesia proud. There are actually some nice places to see in Bangka Belitung, and each of them has a different impression. 

That is to say, going through all of those places will be an excellent idea. However, it is recommended to go in Indonesian’s workday. If not, expect tremendous numbers of people gathering in one spot for enjoying the scenery that they only can obtain. Here are some of those beautiful places in Bangka Belitung

Nyiur Melambai Beach

Translated into waving coconut tree, this beach definitely has a lot of them. Therefore, it is no wonder why this beach is called that way. 

Even so, this place is actually quite different from another island because there are also a bunch of vine trees along the shores. That weirdness is actually nothing but to give distinct characteristic towards the beach. 

Visit Bangka Belitung
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Additionally, it is also worth noting that the beach is not only blessed with beautiful trees but also accomplished with fine-grained white sands along the area. This beautiful beach is located in Ladling Village eastern part of the province, and it can be reached easily even using public transportation.
Educative Museum

There is one cool museum which is dedicated to literature named Kata Museum (Word Museum). As commonly known, people from developing countries including Indonesia do not like reading too much. 

This kind of museum was established for encouraging people especially students to read more, and it actually works quite well. There is one novelist known as Andrea Hirata who contributed so many works here and limited here. 

It works so well that people around Indonesia are attracted to see the great work in this place. Attached to this museum, there is a room named as Warung Kupi Kuli. This room depicts a life of mining workers who are actually countless in this island.

Kaolin Lake

This one is actually not truly a tourist place because there is no public service nearby. Additionally, this is just like a place for mining, and it is no wonder why there are not too many people coming here. 

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However, that should be put into mind seriously. The reason is because it actually offers a fabulous view that people can imagine. The clear blue lake combined with white sand along the edges of the lakes is creating a dramatic view. 

Even though this place is not vested often by tourists, photographers from various parts of Indonesia love to see its remarkable view. 

Bukit Berahu

Another recommended place is Bukit Berahu. It is a place where people can take rest and eat many things because this place combines both of them in one place. From the top of the hill, the visitors can see the extremely beautiful beach with the white sand.
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Since it is located on the top of the hill, it is recommended to not wearing heavy stuff to go there. This beautiful place is one of among others that will make visitors excited, and there is no need to spend too much money for visiting those beautiful places in Bangka Belitung.