Visit Ora Beach with its Beauty

Ora beach is one of greatest nature in Indonesia. It is said so is not only because of its remarkable view, but it is also because of the fact that it is not tainted by visitors too much. That means, the natural environment is still kept so great that it gives comfortable impression ever. 

The beauty of Ora Beach is indeed not known widely. However, it does not mean that it is not widely accepted as beautiful. Instead, it is a way to preserve is natural impression that may be gone after people ruin it. 

There are some great things that can be found in this place. First of all, there is a beach obviously. The beach is the main special attraction due to its clean and fine scenery. With the gleaming trees lining up neatly around the coast combined with white sands surrounding the beach, it makes everything nice and sound.
Visit Ora Beach with its Beauty
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In addition to simply obvious beach, it also has pretty underwater impression that cannot be found even in island areas. The fish, the coral and the water give relaxing feeling that people can ever imagine. With clear water, it is possible to see those corals and fish with their impressive color tones. 

With this kind of beach, people can do much interesting stuff such as walking and sightseeing. Additionally, it is also possible to dive with those beautiful creatures without worrying they will harm you. 

Indeed, most creatures are quite friendly in this beach even though visitors still need to be careful when going in the deep. Another modern person can do in this beautiful area is absolutely taking pictures. With this beautiful scenery, it is possible to capture loveable moment with lovely impression. 

Even though this beach is naturally beautiful, it is worth to remember that it requires clean weather to show its true brilliance. In order to achieve that, it is highly recommended to visit this island in summer which occurs roughly in late January to late July.
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Additionally, naturally this island is extremely quiet being located in remote area. However, there is always a possibility that this beach is full of visitors. Therefore, it is also recommended to visit the beach in weekdays or not in Indonesian’s holiday. 

Even though this area does not seem designed to be a tourism place, there are public services that are nice for visitors. Cottages, ferries, and restaurants are some of them. 

There is also a touring package that can be picked to get more discounts especially for a group of visitors. The price for a day stay depends on the season and rupiahs value. Typically, it is around $100 per night, but it can go higher up to 100%.
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In order to reach this hidden Eden, it is better to fly to Patimura Airport for the first destination. After that, go directly to Tulehu (too-le-hoo) harbor which is continued by taking public transportation to Sawai vilage. 

Upon reaching this village, you need to take a motorboat to reach the island. Indeed, the process is rather complicated, but it is actually worth to visit due to its honest natural value offered.