Awesome Minerals for Traditional Medicine

Talking about traditional medicine is not only talking about herbs or medical plants, animals, like rhino’s horn, bear’s gall blender, but also minerals. Why? Some people may not know that traditional medicine also can be made from some minerals. What are they? So below, we will talk about minerals that can be a main ingredient for traditional medicine.

Actually, the usage of mineral for traditional medicine depends on the disease that the person has been suffered. So, for specific mineral, it is only effective for specific disease or some diseases. In traditional Chinese medicine, there are some minerals that have been known for its special quality to cure people from illnesses or diseases. What are they? There are pyrite, mirabilite, calomel, and any other useful minerals.
The usage of minerals for traditional medicine can not be in huge amount. We have to know the right amount so we or people who consume it do not be overdosed. The huge or not-right amount of traditional medicine which is made from mineral can create a big and serious adverse effect. So, it is better to know the dose of the ingredients, especially the mineral as the main ingredient of traditional medicine.

Why some traditional medicines are made from mineral? There are so many useful minerals on earth, such as magnetite and actinolite. And it has been a long time ago that stones are used to make a medicine and until now, people use them for making modern medicine. So it is undoubtedly that mineral has been really useful and proved to work to cure people.

Some minerals may contain toxic, but if the mineral has been proved to have special quality and the toxic itself not in huge amount, then the mineral can be produced to be a medicine. How that could be? Some minerals which contain toxic are processed to carry out the toxicity. And some minerals are brought to further process to carry out the metal content. So, the mineral which its toxicity has been reduced and has the lowest toxic metal content can be process further to be a medicine.

Most of minerals are made to be a traditional Chinese medicine. Because, long time ago, China has discovered the advantage and that some minerals are useful and effective to cure people from illnesses. China then has developed a traditional system for making medicine. It has been proved that traditional Chinese medicine is work.

In consuming traditional medicine which is contain mineral as main ingredient, we have to know the right doses first. You can ask a doctor or practitioner for the best recommendation for the mineral you should take and for the doses. The important thing, beside doses that should be taken, is that everyone should know any interactions you should be aware of because of the using of this traditional medicine which mostly contain from mineral. Do not forget to make sure whether traditional medicine you should take, so it would not raise any harmful effect.