Best Foods for Postpartum Period

After a woman gives birth, she is going through postpartum. Postpartum period is blood that comes out of the uterus after postpartum period. Postpartum period is usually out within a period of forty days. In the law of Islam, women are still in the state of delivery it is forbidden to have sexual intercourse and perform worship. According to the Administrator, Pospartum in Arabic language comes from the Na-Sa-Fi, which means birth.

Best Foods for Postpartum Period

The duration of postpartum period was divided into three parts. The first is the post-postpartum period. Post-partum period is the time that it was time exactly 24 hours after the mother through the process of gave birth. After entering the post-postpartum period, mothers will soon be entering the early postpartum period of time which is the time period within one day to a week after the mother gave birth.

The last period is Continue postpartum period. Further postpartum period is the time that lies between a weeks to six weeks after the mother through the pregnancy process. Well, when your wife is going through the process of pregnancy, there are some things you should consider.

Best Foods for Postpartum Period

Best Foods for Postpartum Period
You have to do some sort of treatment when postpartum period occurs. This treatment is useful for restoring the condition of the mother to recover. Care during postpartum period is more attention to the reproductive organs. The things you need to do to care for the first time after birth is a matter of hygiene. Cleanliness is a must do. When you want to be healthy then you should also clean.

Health comes from a good hygiene. While at the time of postpartum period cleanliness is the main thing. Because at this time, women are more susceptible to bacteria and germs that can harm him. Cleanliness could you do such a bath twice a finger, keep your gender, often changing pads, soar hands and not touching the stitches.

In addition, a person suffering from puerperal must often rest. When after the birth the mother must undergo fatigue that is so extraordinary, so adequate rest and proper is needed. Sleep eight hours a day and do not rush.

The last thing that should be noted by women who have experienced postpartum period is a nutrient that you eat. You must continue to pay attention to nutrition that you eat. Do not let your lack of nutrition. It would be very bad for your health. The food should you eat to sustain your nutrition during postpartum period are milk, water, whole grain cereals, green vegetables, citrus and eat protein.

Milk is good for your health. Mothers who have just given birth take a lot of good nutrition so that she could breastfeed her child. Water is also needed. White water prevents dehydration occurs in the mother after she gave birth.

Next is a cereal grain. A lot of energy is lost during postpartum period in need of replacement. Grain cereal can give mothers who gave birth to the prime energy. Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C is also very good for women who have just given birth. In addition, foods containing protein and omega 3 such as salmon, eggs, beans, and sardines are needed by mothers through postpartum period.