Pro and Cons about Traditional Medicines

Have you ever thought that some modern medicines mostly come from traditional medicines or natural products? How that could be? Furthermore, why that could be?

In millions years ago, our ancestors used plants to recover themselves from illness, diseases, or from attacks. In that time, there is no modern medicine like we do have now. So how they recover themselves? There are so many ways for them to make a medicine for themselves. But mostly, they grind one or some plants with mortar and pestle. Which part of a plant that can be used? You absolutely can use its root, its flower, bloom, its stem, bark, and any other part. It can be used by placed it on a surface (which is injured) or probably by drink or swallow it. That is just a simple way to make a traditional medicine.

Think about this modern era that we lived, is there still any traditional medicines? Of course, there is, but not all people consume them. Many people still care about health in present day, but consider about its plus and minus, some people may prefer to choose modern medicines. Some people consume traditional medicines because of their special qualities which are widely known. They are affordable and the important thing is they are safe. Medical plants are easy to grow. Even you can plant some herbs in your own yard, isn’t it cool?

Furthermore, some people use traditional medicines when conventional medicines are not effective anymore in the treatment of disease which they are suffered. Sometimes, in other words, traditional medicine is kind of alternative medicine for some people. Traditional medicine is like a complement for modern medicine in this modern time. But, why do you have to choose and use traditional medicine as a second option or as a compliment medicine? You definitely can choose traditional medicine as first option. Traditional remedies are first. They are safe to be consumed.

Choosing and explanation about the good and bad or the effects of traditional or modern or conventional medicines still become a debate until now. Traditional medicine and modern medicine are different. But if we talk about traditional medicine itself, it has proved to work. Many diseases have proved to be cured with the use of traditional medicines. Allergies, asthma, migraine, even cancer, and you named it the rest. Traditional medicines are best and helpful for your health concerns.

So, it is your choice to choose traditional or modern medicine. They both have good and bad side. Traditional medicine has proved to work for some diseases. But don’t forget to remember that actually many common drugs we see and use nowadays, were derived from herb-based sources. It is really important to think and consider about the advantages and disadvantages of traditional medicines. Modern medicines may work for some people but for some other it may don’t work in significant way or not work at all. So it is still can be an option to choose traditional medicine which also have advantage for the use of it.