The Creepiest True Story from Craigslist You Must Know

What do you think about Craigslist? Yes, of course, Craigslist is one of the important things for several people. It can be because having an ad in here will help you in many things such as looking for the job, selling or buying products or services, promoting yourself and so on. 

Since it is online, you will meet your partner and do a deal via online as well which after that you can arrange the meeting. Indeed, with it, you will be easier in getting what you want. 

However, it will be different from the people as follow. Instead of getting what they want like money or job, they get a bad situation in which it forces them to face the worst experiences in their life, even it makes them meet the death. Who are they? Just find out about those who get the creepiest true story from Craigslist as below. 

To begin with, there is Scott Davis, who used Craigslist to find a job. According to the story, there was such what we can call it as the advertisement in Craigslist a job vacancy which offered those who were job seekers a great salary by working on a farm. The job that was very easy and many people had been applied made Davis uses too. 

The Creepiest True Story from Craigslist
Then, it was very lucky for him that he was called by the employers to meet them. Indeed, Davis came to there and he with his employers who were Beasley and Rafferty saw the farm. It was such a long journey since the way to the farm should pass the wood where the car was stopped suddenly. In that place, then, Davis was shot by Beasley and Rafferty, who then left him there alone. 

With blood on the right side, Davis finally found a rural house and called the police. Finally, Beasley and Rafferty were arrested in which Beasley was sentenced to death, and Rafferty should have life in prison for his rest of life. 

Besides Scott Davis, Brian Boucher has the creepiest true story from Craigslist too. Here, Boucher had a roommate named William after he said in Craigslist that he looked for the roommate. At the first time, there was nothing strange about William but he often to talk or shared something to Boucher. 

Someday, Boucher who was curious about William went to William's room. There, Boucher found that William noted all of the information about Boucher and Bouncher's family and finally knew that William was the thief of diamonds. Boucher then called the police and William who had the real name as Jack was arrested. 

However, Boucher knew that the situation would go to be worst after he found that Jack had noted the information of him.

Moreover, the creepiest true story from Craigslist was experienced by Katherine Anne Olson as well. In the story, Olson (24) was killed by Michael John Anderson (19). Anderson posted that he needed a babysitter which Olson was very interested in working there. 

In short, Olson came to the Anderson's house and then there was a quarrel between them which finally Anderson shot Olson. After that, Olson's body was dragged to the trunk of his car. Then, trying to destroy the evidence, Anderson threw the gun with his towel to the public trash can. Unfortunately, there was his name in his towel which made him be arrested and had to live in jail. 

Another the creepiest true story from Craigslist comes from Jennifer Pappain, a prostitute who used Craigslist to find her job. Someday, Chad Johnson called Pappain to service him. Indeed, Pappain thought that it was her another job, and she met Johnson in his car. 

In the middle of their rendezvous, Johnson asked his money back, but Pappain refused which made Johnson killed her and then buried her body in the wood. In short, Johnson must be in jail caused by what he had done to Pappain. The same with Jennifer, Oliva was also killed, and it was started by his "male massage" posted on Craigslist. 

He was found death, naked and full of blood after he did his service. It was an army veteran, Billy Joe Delacey who had killed Oliva after they two agreed to meet in Craigslist. Delacey died Oliva by hitting him with something. 

After that, there is Timothy McDarrah, who was arrested caused his post on Craigslist. He was a pedophile who looked for the young girl from Craigslist. One day, there was Julie, a young lady who should meet McDarrah. Julie was an agent of FBI, so it was a bad thing for McDarrah since he was arrested caused by his post. 

Then, the creepiest true story from Craigslist also comes from Dianne Warrick. The story began when she accepted to take care of a nanny. Actually, she had a bad mark in the past, but her employer did not care. Finally, Warrick killed a nanny she had to take care of. 

The other story is about Michelle Wilkins who was jubilant after she would get the baby set from someone she met on Craigslist. When she came to put the baby set, Dynel Lane who would give her the baby set wanted to kill her. Here, Lane cut Wilkins' unborn child from her womb and left her. Miraculously, Wilkins was still conscious and call 911. 

The Creepiest True Story from Craigslist You Must Know

Also, the story from someone who sold his diamond ring on Craigslist, which at the end he had to be killed by people who made a deal to buy the ring. James Sanders, a man who was murdered by individuals who came to host house as the buyers of the ring which was posted on Craigslist by Sanders. 

Otherwise, the story of the crazy people who looked for someone to be killed in Craigslist. Thus, those are some of the creepiest true story from Craigslist. Indeed, all of the stories above left a note that we must be careful with the use of Internet as the place we make a deal with someone.