The Most Exotic Temples in Indonesia

Indonesia is a very rich country. Not only rich in nature, which, though not wholly owned by the nation itself, but yes, it's okay, maybe someday Indonesia's natural wealth can be owned by his own people. The nation is perhaps too well as a great nation, isn’t it? 

Anyway, this nation is rich in natural results, but this time I will not be treated the natural result very much of it. On this occasion I will discuss about the many temples owned by Indonesia and used as one of the destinations that you must visit.

The Most Exotic Temples in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country rich in history. As you know, the kingdoms in Indonesia have already started hundreds of years ago. Historically, the first kingdom that stands in Indonesia is Kutai which stands at 300 AD. After that, according to historians appeared many kingdoms scattered throughout the territory of Indonesia which was formerly called the Nuswantara

One of the greatest empires in the history of Indonesia is the kingdom of Majapahit. This is the kingdom that serves to unify the empire was in Nuswantara up in subsequent years, Nuswantara turned into Indonesia. The number of the empire also led to many relics of the kingdom itself. Relics of them were varied, ranging from a dagger, amulets, traditional clothing, batik, art, up to the temple. 

The temples which are located in Indonesia are very much. If you know, one of the temples of the most well-known by many people in the world is Borobudur. In addition there are other temples that you ought to know and visit. Here I will mention some of the temples that you must visit while you are in Indonesia.

The first obviously you must visit the temple of Borobudur, the largest temple in the world. Borobudur is a legacy of the Syailendra dynasty. The process of discovery of this temple is very interesting. Some say that this temple was once buried in the ground so at first people thought that this temple is the hill. Borobudur temple is found in the Dutch colonial period.

 The Most Exotic Temples in Indonesia

The Most Exotic Temples in Indonesia
The next temple is the Prambanan temple. Prambanan temple is located in an area adjacent to the temple of Borobudur. It is located on the border of Klaten and Yogyakarta. Prambanan temple is a temple which according to the legend, was built in one night by a man to have the love of a beautiful princess. 

In addition to the exotic view that you can get from Prambanan temple, you can also get entertainment when you visit at Prambanan temple. Prambanan temple itself there are regular performances by the artists who performed there. They call it the Ramayana Ballet. If you want to be entertained with interesting performances, you can come to this place.

Next temple that you should visit is the temple located in the area Trowulan. In this area there are so many temples which become the relics of the Majapahit kingdom. You can visit all the temples that are in the area, starting from Brahu temple, the Bajang Ratu temple, Tikus temple, and the pavilion where Gajah Mada said the famous Palapa oath.