The Most Powerful Healing Wounds Operations

At one point you must have an accident or illness that requires you to perform the operation. Everyone certainly does not want surgery. However if it had, then they will inevitably have to deal with it.

After the operation, one of the most annoying things for some They were when the operation is complete they still have a scar from the operation. It was quite disturbing because it makes the skin becomes so ugly. Postoperative wound can heal within six weeks if the conditions are normal.

However if someone had just finished surgery have the sugar disease, diabetes, and other diseases, the cure was not going that fast, therefore you have to do the best care to heal the wounds of your operation. In this article I will tell you some ways to make wounds heal faster operation, also in this article I will tell you some of the foods that should be consumed during the wound healing process.

After surgery, you must do several things to make your healing process smoothly. Postoperative care you have to do is rest. It's very simple, but many people cannot do. Remember that your body also needs sufficient rest in order to heal your postoperative wound. Next is the attention to cleanliness postoperative wound. Once a person through surgery, wound hygiene should always be considered.

If you do not pay attention to the cleanliness of your injuries, then you can get dirty wounds and more difficult to heal, then do not do strenuous activity is one of the post-operative treatment you should do.

If you do the activities that are too heavy, you can open wound back. You should also use loose clothing so that the wounds that exist in your body are not exposed clothes that are too tight. It can make you open wound or exposed to sweat and even make your wound wet and difficult to cure.
In addition to these treatments, you can also eat some fruits and vegetables are good for you after your consumption through the operation. Fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C and flavonoids are good food for postoperative wound healing process. Foods that contain vitamin C and flavonoids are many.

Its like blueberries, green tea, chocolate, bilberry, broccoli, and peppers and spinach are foods which have a high content of flavonoids and vitamins C are really needed by the body for wound healing after surgery.

Food containing vitamin A is also very helpful for wound healing after surgery. Such foods include; carrots which have a high content of vitamin A, red chili is also one of the vegetables with a high content of vitamin A, until spinach and cereals are also equally have a lot of vitamin that very good for your wound healing process.

Next is the food that contains zinc. Foods which containing of plenty zinc is very good for your body. Especially when you are in the process of wound healing after surgery. Zinc can help speed healing after surgery. There are a lot of foods containing zing, ranging from dark chocolate, spinach, crab, mushrooms, oysters and red meat.