The Most Weird Transportation Vehicle

The world today is growing very rapidly. All sorts of technology increasingly diverse and sophisticated. In fact there are several technologies which for some people have an odd shape. Odd word here may be because the person is rarely seen anything shaped like it. In this article I will discuss the emerging means of transportation in the world these days that have strange shapes.

The Most Weird Transportation Vehicle

The First strange transport equipment is an anti-jammed bus created by the Chinese people. This bus is a bus in the world's first anti jammed. The bus is not like most of the bus. The bus that has a fairly large-sized hole in the bottom of the bus can pass cars. This is why the bus is called an anti-jammed bus.

Because the cavities are located at the bottom of this bus makes anti stalled for this bus and it can go without fear of getting stuck in traffic. This bus is called the Transit Elevated bus or TEB. Anti-jam bus has a very large form. It has a length of 22 meters, width of 7.8 meters and a height of 4.8 meters. With the size of the bus is capable of carrying 300 people at once.

This bus also has a nice interior. You will definitely feel comfortable when you are in this bus. This bus also has a special way as a rail. The design is bizarre makes many people consider this vehicle only imaginary vehicle.

But in fact, this vehicle has just been launched in his home country. In addition to weird design, TEB uses electric power completely. So this bus is very environmentally friendly. What do you think? Want to ride?

The next strange transport equipment come from Canada. In Canada ther is a transportation called Hippo. Hippo is a type of bus that floats on water. Bus-boat is a means of transportation that can carry 40 passengers and offers a tour of the land down to the water in the Toronto area. Vehicles were quite strange, right? You want to try?

Furthermore, there Hanging Train in Schwebebahn , Germany. The train is only available in this area and the tracks just 10 kilometers away. As the name suggests, this train is hanging on down the track that stretches 10 kilometers. The train is usually used for the tourists who want to see the city of Schwebebahn. The train is also used as a means of transportation for local residents. You intend to try it?

The Most Weird Transportation Vehicle

The Most Weird Transportation Vehicle
The next odd transport equipment is the Ice Angel located on Madeline Island. On this island, when the winter, marine transportation does not work because the waters in these areas will freeze. But you do not need to worry.

You can use the Ice Angel, a ship with modifications using propellers so that he can still walk on the frozen ice and if an when the ice melts, you do not have to worry about drowning because he also is a ship. The concept used is similar to a hovercraft. You want to try?