The Stunning Indonesian Arts

Indonesia is a rich country. Besides being rich in natural resources, Indonesia is also rich in culture. Almost every place in Indonesia has its own customs. In this article I will tell you all about the art of the icon of Indonesia and you shall see. 

Indonesia is very rich in the arts. So do not be surprised when many people coming to Indonesia only to see the art. There are even some people who are willing to invite artists from Indonesia to perform their tradition of others people’s country. Here are some of the art of the Indonesian people that you must watch when you are in Indonesia.

The first is the art of Bali. Bali is a very famous tourist town in the world. Bali has a lot of art, ranging from dance, music, and their songs. In fact, if you know, a member of the theater named Antonin Artaud coming from Paris using one of the traditional arts in Bali as an example of the case of theater theory that he expressed. 

According to the story, at that time a horde of Balinese artists invited to appear at an event in Paris. One of the most common dances is the Kecak dance. The first dance was originally a dance for offering to the gods. 

But as the times, this dance was later used as entertainment for tourists. You can see the energetic Kecak dance on Youtube and you will know how energetic it is. You will be curious and want to see it live. Next is a Drama Gong in Bali are also very unique. You can post a Drama Gong in Bali as one of the goals you come to Indonesia.

The Stunning Indonesian Arts

After Bali we are going to Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is a city with rich culture. In Yogyakarta, especially in the cultural park, you can regularly see art events organized by the cultural park. Even besides the Cultural Park, you can also see traditional arts in the roadside. 

Ranging from Angklung, a native of the West Java but then often used by buskers Yogyakarta, to Jathilan dance in Yogyakarta which is often used by street dancers in the red light district around Jogja. In Yogyakarta also you can find one of the art academies that became icons of art in Jogjakarta. 

Its called Indonesia Art Institut of Yogyakarta. The campus is a campus that gave birth for many people in the arts, both traditional and contemporary. On this campus you can watch some performances which are usually held as a semester exam.

The Stunning Indonesian Arts

The Stunning Indonesian Arts
Next is the city of Bandung. Bandung is one city that has a lot of traditional art that you can see. Traditional arts in Bandung include Golek puppet, dance Music, dance music, and traditional arts are very diverse. 

You will never regret it when you go to Indonesia. You are offered a lot of things, ranging from beautiful nature, great temple, and diverse arts. That is Indonesia, a country very rich! We hope you enjoy and come back to Indonesia again!