Traditional Medicine, From Plants to Animals

Before the modern era has begun and era of modern medicine is started, traditional medicine is first for many people who suffer from illness. To cure a disease, recover themselves from attacks, and to feel healthy everyday, they use some plants as a medicine. They grind it, swallow it, or may be placed on a wounded skin. This tradition has been a long time ago.

But, do you think that we can not do the same in this era of modern medicine? Absolutely not, we can do the same too. How? There are some ways but one example which is easy to do is combining some medical plants with food that some people like nowadays.

It looks easy and interesting, is not it? And if it can cure people from some specific diseases, it would be so inspiring to use traditional medicine as first choice of healthy care. In the world, there are some countries that those populations mostly use traditional medicine as first option to cure themselves and for primary needs. For examples, there are Africa and some countries in Asia.

Furthermore, traditional medicine is not only made from plants or medical plants, but also can be made from some minerals and animals. Traditional medicine which is made from plants is widely known for its advantages and it is natural. But, what about traditional medicine which is made from animals?

The question is, is it safe? How the process making of it? It has been an issue for many years ago until now about the making and using of them. And still be a debate about the making process of traditional medicine. It has been an issue about the safety and effect of the using of traditional medicine which is made from animals.

It has also been an issue that the making of traditional medicine involves animal cruelty. And talking about animal cruelty also brought us to an issue about illegal trading and poaching. Sometimes, in poaching, the poachers only take the horn from rhino or take the gall blender from a bear.

And they leave the rest, only take and leave, just like that. People may believe that the horns of the rhino have a special and effective effect of the using. They may believe that the horns of the rhino can enhance someone’s life to be longer. Ask yourselves, is it worth it? For only the purpose of medical needs and purposes, but you victimize animals and do not know the huge impact of the action.

So, is it good to use traditional medicine? Actually, the use of traditional medicine is good but you have to know the main ingredient and the process making. It is better if you use traditional medicine which is made from herbs.

Besides, it is natural because it is made from plants and do not bring negative effect of the using. Traditional herbal medicine is known that it is effective to cure people from cancer, asthma, malaria, dysentery, etc.