4 Wonderful Ideas When There’s Nothing to Say in Love Talking

All of us have ever been in an awkward moment like blank conversation topic when we are talking to our partner. This phenomenon is normal and there are many things that can cause this to happen. It can be the bad mood, the unfit condition, imperfect situation, or even tired of mind. If this happen in a relationship, this small thing can result misunderstanding in a couple. The critical point is that there will be huge conflict between the couple. If this situation occurs, some tips below might help the relationship to be in better place.

We can make a list of question that we are going to ask to our partner. The list of the question can be in the form of note in a paper or a note in a Smartphone. It is flexible based on the simplicity in the access. As we have this note, it means that we will not be confused about what to ask to have a lovely conversation with our partner. As a trick, don’t directly open and read the note in front of your partner. You can just remember the point and elaborate your question. Another way is that seeing the note at a glance when you really forgot what to say. Looking to the note very often will create stiff conversation and even it get closer to formal speech.

Pay more attention to your partners answer. Why this answer is important? Through the answer, we can start to elaborate our conversation with deeper topic. Many various topics can come up and we can have various directions rather than just referring to our question note.  Focus on the keyword of the keywords from your partner’s answer. By asking this, it means that you respect and focus on the answers which mean that you are 100% for your partner at the time. Before you realize, the conversation has been so long between couples that can cover important and unimportant topic as interesting thing. From this point, love talking is real. Respect in the partner also gives deep impression relationship bond.

If the question and answer session doesn’t raise the mood, then you need to trigger your partner’s attention. You might start with what happen to you in the whole a day. You have to be honest about the story. The real story shows that you are and it gives your partner brain warming up to. Keep doing this until your partner shows the better mood. After finding this, you just need to see creativity in your love talking with interesting and various topics.

  • The Powers of Love Talking in Solving the Conflict in a Relationship
  • To avoid a monotonous question for the starting point in a love talking, the couple needs to socialize with more people or friends. Meeting more friends or people means that there will be new story and new experience that we can share to our partner. New story can be meant as new references and even new impression between the couple. The quality of the conversation increases rather than just talking daily routine.