5 Wonderful Ways to Say Love without Talking

For some people, saying “I love you” is a common thing to do in daily life. The way we say these words, will describe how big our love in the relationship. For the others, it might be the hardest part to do in their life. Of course, it might be a problem in the relationship. The question then, how to express the love feeling without saying it? It doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to say t, even it you would be better to do it. You can show your love by doing these small things which can mean everything more than just talking.

Giving hug and kisses. This two actions can describe more of your love rather than just talking. The warmth and the close bond between that the couple feel is more than just enough to elaborate love in the heart. Hug and kisses also show that you need our partner more and you want to always be closer to him/her. You can also do this when you’re going to got your office and also when you just arrives home from the office.

Listening to our partner. This might be easier thing to do but it has big effect in expressing love to our partner. You need to listen to your partner even when you don’t understand the topic or the topic makes you boring. By listening to your partner, it means that you still giving your focus and thought to him/her. Through this appreciation, they are going to get a higher confident. Next, your job is ask small details about the story and the rest is you partner’s part to explain you more.

Surprising with small gift. Everyone loves gift. It is not always expensive one to give to your partner. You can start from the small thing or something that your partner loves for the gift. It doesn’t the gift that counts. It is the representation of emotion and care that you give to your partner that counts. Emotion and care are also the representation of deep love feeling in a relationship.

Doing thing together. Everyone of course has their own hobby. For couple, it can be denied that each person has his/her own hobby. Doing one of the partner’s hobbies together can also represent love without talking. Happy feeling when you are doing the hobby together brings comfort impression between the couple. In comfort situation, a couple can talk about anything from something that is important and ridiculous things. This situation can also encourage the couple to always feel open to each other in talking. The relationship bond is tighter and you do not need to say love literally.

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  • Accompanying your partner in the hardest part of life. We will never know when the hardest moment will come to our life. If this happen to our partner, we need to always accompany him/her. Our existence and our support can strengthen them. It also encourage them with higher spirit to continue to their better life.