Amazing Mushroom Cloud Seen in Siberia

Russians has worried about nuclear bomb recently because in Siberian sky seen a mushroom cloud. They believe if that day is a doomsday because the cloud is very strange. Some citizens also thought if that day is Judgment Day and they are worried about that. Well, that cloud is very amazing actually but some citizens it is very scary and weird to see it.

The cloud shaped like mushroom and it is very amazing natural phenomena but for Siberian citizens it was scary. First thought is that cloud came from nuclear bomb. Siberian citizens said if that mushroom cloud is Russian’s nuclear that dropping from the sky. That nuclear bomb make huge explosion in the sky and then the smoke looks like mushroom. The mushroom shaped cloud also makes some Russian worried about nuclear bomb. They dined if that was Russian’s nuclear because they never shot it.

The Siberian’s sky looks scary with that mushroom shaped-cloud. When Russian said if that wasn’t nuclear bomb that dropped, some people is too scary when the doomsday has come. It was not nuclear bomb and that was cloud from God as a doomsday. It is very strange and some people also said if that cloud is an explosion at the coal mines in nearby Kuzbass region. Citizens also believe that was an explosion from coal mines in Kuzbass. But that news cannot evident because the coal is fine.

In fact, that cloud was not nuclear bomb or coal explosion that was natural phenomena and that cloud was cumulo-nimbus cloud after heavy thunderstorm. Well, that cloud often appeared after heavy thunderstorm and the cloud shaped like mushroom. The cloud from Siberian’s sky is really amazing and it was naturally cloud shaped. It was supported by scientist that was not nuclear bomb or human activity effect but that cloud is pure naturally phenomena. The cloud that shaped like mushroom seen at Siberian’s sky is also seen for miles around. The cloud is really like smoke after huge explosion so that’s why some people thought that was nuclear bomb that dropped in the sky by Russian.

Talk about naturally phenomena it is really interesting. When citizens and scientist has different opinion it will be interesting to talk about. In this case, the mushroom shaped cloud is like cause by human error. The citizens also said that cloud is sign of God for doomsday. You can see in this case, the citizens thought is rational when they thought it was nuclear bomb that explosion in the sky. The mushroom shaped cloud is really like smoke by huge explosion. In some social media, netizen said it was sign of God to pick mushroom. In Russia, this season is time to pick mushroom. Pick mushroom is one of favorite Russian activity so the netizen said the cloud is sign of pick mushroom season is coming. From that news, we get a value that we cannot judge or think without real reason or real evidence. You can also get the other weird news on internet or social media.