The Powers of Love Talking in Solving the Conflict in a Relationship

Conflict is something that we can deny in a relationship. It can come in sudden in the imperfect time. For most people, the occurrence of conflict is the seasoning in a relationship. Besides, it will test us how mature we are in solving it. One of the best key in solving it is through talking. The power of talking even with love has a big effect to the way out that it will create.

Talk gently to your partner. Conflict of course results a high tension between a couples. One side of the couple needs to initiate to talk gently to other if they still want a better resolution. Have a love talk between person to person. By talking gently with love, of course it will create the tension between them. It also gives clear mind for both so that they will get better solution.

Love talking in a conflict needs good positive perspective of the topic. We need to focus on the problem that causes the conflict. It is important because conflict can raise the older problems that ever existed. By focusing on the problem, we can limit the discussion and we are closer to the solution.
Love talking in a conflict also needs a good punctuation. We have to make some space in our talking in order to give our partner enough time to understand our argument. Good punctuation can also give space for your partner to express their spontaneous argument. If we want to resolve this conflict, just let this happen. If you are honest to yourself you will have the answer for every question that your partner asks. The important key is that you can not forget to the idea that flows in your mind. After answering your partner’s question, then continue your argument gently.

Don’t lie. Tell your partner what you exactly feel. Love talking is not enough. Good intention that we want need good behavior. We need to support it with honestly so that our partner can understand what exactly happen. By doing this, hopefully our partner wants to hear our reason and understand the circumstances. It is important to bring comfortable feeling so that he/she can decide what he/she wants to do next.

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  • Insert some small jokes into your argument. Serious love talking in solving the conflict will sound stiff and monotonous. One of the tips is inserting small jokes in your love talking when the situation gets boring and monotonous. It will melt the situation as well as your partner psychology. We can also add some small jokes when the tension is higher and higher. Instead of replying your partner with anger and high tension answers, you need to twist your climax of your anger with jokes. If it works, your partner will not able to resist their own sudden laugh.

    There is always a way to solve the problem that rises in a relationship. Settling down the ego and applying love talking can open the couples mind to find a better way out. If both sides still want to defend the relationship, the problems that rise will strengthen them.