Easy Ways to Keep Car Rental Fee Indonesia Low

Car rental fee in Indonesia is one of the costs that you will have to pay when you plan to spend your vacation in this country. The condition of tourist sites that are scattered around the country will make you need to have a car that can bring you around. And this cost will be skyrocketing if you don’t know how to rent the car properly. And this is also important knowing that there will be many car renter that will try to scam you to pay them a lot more. Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure that you rental fee is always affordable.

5 Tips on How to Keep Car Rental Fee Indonesia Low

The very first thing that you can try to lower the price of car rental fee in Indonesia is to pay the cost prepaid. The good thing about this many car renters in the country will allow you to do this. That way, you will be able to tell them how many days you are planning to use the car and pay them accordingly. The main benefit of doing this is that you will save money because on the fee. Also, you will tend to not overdue the use the car rent time because you know you are already on schedule.

Car rental fee in Indonesia
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Next thing to keep to keep in mind is to avoid renting the car from the renters that are available around the airport area. Because of the fact that they are indeed more accessible, they will be likely to charge you more money. In fact, it might be better to get the ones with the bundle from your hotel as there might be some interesting offers that you can get.

Third, try comparing the prices that you can get for car rental fee in Indonesia on weekends and weekdays. This is especially important if you need to rent the car for almost a week long. The fee will be different for weekend and weekdays, but you might be able to bargain for lower fee if you plan to use it for a few days.

The next tip is to keep your eye on the usage time of the car. Car renters will charge you a lot if you don’t return the car in the time slot allotted before. In fact, some will even cost you more for the extra days, which is very cost consuming compared to returning them at the right time. Also, it will be wise to ask your renter if they use grace period of returning the car.

How to Keep Car Rental Fee Indonesia Low
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Lastly, you should always check the condition of the car before paying car rental fee in Indonesia. Make sure that the car you are using are running normally and will be equipped with usual devices, such as GPS and Bluetooth audio. Checking the miles will help you a lot to determine the quality of the car. Don’t ruin your vacation worrying about your rented car getting broken in the middle of the road.