Essential Things You Should Know about Indonesia

Facts about Indonesia are very interesting to be learned about because there are many things that are very unique and great about this country. From their cultural, social and economic aspect, you will be able to find things that will amaze you. This article will show you some of the unique facts about this country that will make you want to visit this country even more.

1. Unity in Diversity is their motto

The official sign of Indonesia is a Garuda which is mythical bird that is holding a ribbon on its claw bearing the motto of “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.” Literally, this means Unity in Diversity, referring to the diverse citizens who live in the country.

Facts about Indonesia
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In fact, as of today, there has been more than 700 languages that are being spoken in the country by hundreds of tribal group. But the more interesting thing is that most people will be able to speak Indonesian, which is the legally recognized official language. 

So, when you have to deal with anything in the country, you will have to use Indonesian and not your own tribal language. This language indeed make every daily interaction easier between people.

2. Maritime country makes a great vacation destination.

Due to the fact that there are millions of kilometers of shoreline and thousands of island in the country, you will be able to enjoy a lot of beautiful beaches around the country. In fact, almost everywhere you are in Indonesia, you will not be too far away from gorgeous tropical beach.

If you don’t like spending time on beaches, you can also find peace by exploring wildlife and mountains. Indonesia is one of the countries with the widest rain forest area along with the most amazing biodiversity. Therefore, this country is a perfect place if you want to enjoy time with the nature.

3. The foods are amazing

From west to east, you will be able to find various foods from various cultures. The great thing about this is that every culture will usually have their own unique spices and ingredients they put in their food. As a result, you can taste different foods with different distinctive taste. 

So, this country will promise you adventure and new experience on every food that you will eat. It doesn’t matter if you like sweet or spicy foods, you can always find ones that should satisfy your craving.

4. Friendly people

Essential Things You Should Know about Indonesia
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Indonesia is also known as one of the countries whose citizens smile a lot. So, when you are visiting the country, it is not rare to see some strangers smiling to you when you stroll the street. The hospitality of them is also one of the unique things that you will find. If you even find yourself in difficult places in secluded area, don’t be afraid to ask for help as people will be glad to help you.

But even as there are many great facts about Indonesia, you will still need to be careful about people especially when you are in the city. Reckless drivers and scammers will be able to be found anywhere.