Effective Exercises for Flat Stomach and Get Rid of Love Handles

For years, exercises for flat stomach has been done by many people to get the body that they want. Not only that, getting rid of love handles on their stomach will also affect their general health condition. If you also want to make your abs flatter and look better, there are some poses and easy exercise that you will be able to try. Make sure that you do these steps routinely to be able to get the best forms for your body.

1. The Cobra Pose

This pose is actually one of the most basic exercise of yoga. The main function of this to relax yourself while training the muscle around your stomach. To do this, you can simply lie straight on the floor facing the floor down. Put both of your arms on each side of your body to support the pose. 

exercises for flat stomach
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Then, slowly rise up your body while keeping your thighs and waist in place. Hold your position for a couple of seconds and lower your body. Do this pose for a few times until you are relaxed. Also, keep your breathing slow to get the best benefits of this exercise.

2. The Side Crunch

This one is not very much different from cobra pose, as you will also focus on how to train the muscle around the stomach area. The difference is that instead of posing with both of your arms, this one will require you to only use one and facing sideways.

To start, you can simply lie sideways with your arm beneath you. Then, slowly push your body with your arm and hold position for a few seconds. If you want, you can also raise your leg to give better restraint for the stomach. Repeat the movements for a few times.

3. Baby Pose Yoga

Effective Exercises for Flat Stomach and Get Rid of Love Handles
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This one is easy and very relaxing to do. All you need is to bent your knees and sit on the mat while holding your hand upwards. Start taking a big breath and lower your hands along with your body until your face meet the floor. Hold this position by also counting slowly to 20. Rise up again and repeat the movement. Make sure that you pay attention to your breathing patterns while doing this exercise for flat stomach.

4. Planking

If the ones above is not heavy enough for you to be used for your exercise for flat stomach, you might want to try planking. The form is not very different from cobra pose. The main difference is that you will need to hold your body with your elbow while also keep your body position straight from head to toe.

Firstly, you need to lay down and use your elbow as a support. Then, slowly raise your waist and thigh until your body is straight. Hold your position for a few seconds. Remember, this will be a hard one for beginner. But you can raise the number of seconds you do the exercise if you are more comfortable with the pain that comes with it.