False Things that You Might Have Heard about Indonesia

Indonesia has been an independent country for more than 70 years. But despite the fact that seven decades has passed after the country has gotten their independence, people around the world still have some misconception about the country. There are people who think that this country is full of forest and underprivileged people living in tribes. While some of it is true to its nature, Indonesia is actually a pretty developed country with interesting culture inside. Here are some false things that you also might have about Indonesia.

1. Indonesia is not only Bali

Bali is indeed more popular than Indonesia itself, weirdly. A lot of people think that Indonesia is only Bali and some even think that Bali and Indonesia are two different places. The fact is that Bali is actually a province and an island in Indonesia. Its capital is Denpasar, and the island is known as one of the best tropical island tourist sites in the whole world.

Image by frvbali.com
The fact that makes Bali more popular internationally is because of the great scenery, especially the beaches that it has. But actually, Indonesia also has a lot of other islands with beautiful beaches scattered throughout the county. Not only that, hundreds of mountains are ready to be conquered by those who are adventurous enough to explore them.

2. Hundreds of languages are used, but Indonesian is used nationally

Yes, there are hundreds of tribal groups in Indonesia who are using hundreds of different languages. But this should not intimidate you if you want to visit the country because most people will be able to speak Indonesian very well. 

Indonesian is actually a nationally mandated language that will be used formally everywhere in the country. So, wherever you are in Indonesia, as long as you can translate your English to Indonesian, people will be able to understand you just fine.

3. Indonesia has the most Muslim population but is not an Islamic country

Fact, 88% of Indonesia’s population, is Muslim, but that does not mean that the law in the country is based on Islamic laws. There are indeed 5 other religions that are legally recognized by the state. And if you visit Indonesia, you will still be able to practice your own religion and lifestyle without having to worry about being punished with sharia law.

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Major religions are not the only ones that can be practiced in the country. In some remote areas in Indonesia, there are still tribe groups who are practicing their ancestor’s belief, such as animism and dynamism.

4. Indonesia is not small country

Image by blog.eoasia.com
Because of the fact that most people think Indonesia is only the island of Bali, many also think that this country is pretty small. In fact, if you could lay the area of Indonesia on top of mainland USA, the distance from west to east will be longer than the distance of California to New York. But most of the area of Indonesia is sea water and small islands. There are mainly 5 big islands in which most citizens live.