Strange Medication Side Effects that Can Happen to Anyone

Modern advance in medical world makes us feel safer knowing that there are many kinds of drugs that can be used to treat health problems. But it is also known that some strange medication side effects can also occur in some people. There are indeed some history and research about this kind of thing, even though most people still don’t know the main culprit of it, including the medical professionals. Here are some weird things that can happen to your body while taking drugs.

1. Excessive Depression

Stress and depression is a common thing nowadays considering that we are living in a world where everything seems to change very quickly. But daily life is not only the cause of depression. Consuming particular medication can also cause you to have depression, which will be varied from mild to severe ones. The most peculiar ones is that even drugs that are mainly used to treat anxiety and depression can also cause worst depressive thoughts.

Strange Medication Side Effects
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Even though bowel problems, such as diarrhea, can come at any time in our daily life, we should also know that medication can also cause such thing. This is even more prone to happen if you consume diet pills to help you lose weight. Usually, unhealthy diet pills that promise you to lose weight quickly will cause your body to release a lot of fluid. And watery diarrhea is one of the results that can come out of it.

3. Hormonal Change

If you are a guy who is facing a hard truth of being bald, you might want to consume medication that can grow your hair back. There are indeed a type of medication out there for this, but it can drastically change your hormonal situation if you are not suitable for the drugs. Gynecomastia is the condition that will be caused by this. It is a condition in which a guy will develop breast because of the disturbance in the hormonal production inside the body.

4. Temporary Color Blindness

For guys who has a problem with their sexual performance, Viagra might seem like a good choice to overcome the problem. But it can actually lead to a weird change in the body, including on how they see colors. This condition is usually called blue vision, in which the person will not be able to differentiate between the color of blue and green correctly. The good news is that it will only be temporary and the vision will return to normal after the drugs lose its efficiency.

Strange Medication Side Effects that Can Happen to Anyone
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5. Scary Hallucinations

Our mind is a very weird thing. One of the "strange medication side effects" is the hallucination that can haunt the people who are taking some drugs. They can also cause the patients to have vivid dreams at night that make them lose sleeps. The more severe cases of this condition can also make the patient lose their mind because they can’t differentiate between their hallucination and real life. This is why you need to consult to your doctors before taking medication.