Weird Traditional Healing Practices in Indonesia

Indonesia has been known to have some weird traditions, including weird traditional healing practices. Even though the country has been swarmed with professional doctors and good medical treatments, there are still many people who are seeking health by doing these weird practices. Usually, these will also be assisted by people who claimed to have ability to cure even some of the most dangerous disease. Even so, here are some of them that might be able to interest you.

1. Healing Diseases with Leeches

Weird Traditional Healing Practices in Indonesia
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Using leeches to treat health condition actually has been used by European people even in the olden days. But in the eastern world, including in Indonesia, this treatment is still used by some people and some even claimed that it gives them better condition for their problems. 

Weird Traditional Healing Practices
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Usually, the leeches will be used to suck blood from the body of the patients by placing them on particular points. It is claimed that the better blood flows caused by the leeches is the cause of better health for the patients.

2. Healing Diseases with Electricity

Electricity is a thing that can’t be separated from our daily lives. Almost every device that we use to help our live easier can only be used because of electricity. But in Indonesia, electricity is also used to treat medical problems, including the psychological ones. 

Healing Diseases with Electricity
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Usually, the person who claimed to have the ability to heal with electricity will induce the flow by touching an electricity source. Then, they will touch the patients on some parts of their body to transfer the energy. The heat and the power are the aspects that are told to cure the diseases.

3. Healing Diseases with hot vacuumed cup

This is actually the kind of traditional treatment that originally came from China. To do this, the practitioner will usually put fire temporarily on glass cup and quickly placing them on the back of the patients. 

The heat will cause vacuum condition inside the glass and will suck on the patients’ bodies. Another small fire will be placed on top of the glass to induce heating. No real medical benefits has been proven by this treatment, but a lot of people have said that the practice is very comforting.

4. Healing Diseases with Supernatural Powers

As a country affected by eastern tradition, Indonesia is a country full of people who still firmly believe in supernatural powers. Not only that, many people are still going to traditional healers to cure a lot of diseases, including the ones who practice with supernatural condition.

Weird Traditional Healing Practices in Indonesia
Surprisingly, there are many conditions that are claimed to be able to be cured by those practitioners, including the severe ones such as cancer. Some people are even charged for hilariously large amount money for the treatment.

While weird traditional healing practices that we can find in Indonesia might seem alien for anyone from other countries, it can’t be denied that this also comes from the low standard that medical institution offers. Meanwhile, there are also a lot of citizens who only have basic education that makes them even more prone to use these kinds of treatments for their medical condition.