Understanding Beautiful Arts of Indonesian Culture

As one of the biggest country in South East Asia, Indonesia provides the world the various cultures and traditions that will be very different and unique from one another. This will indeed affect the available arts that can be enjoyed if you are interested to come to the country. The great thing is that you will not only be able to see the beautiful arts of Indonesian culture in museums, but some of them will also be seen and used in the daily life of Indonesian people.

1. The Indonesian Arts in Textiles

Beautiful Arts of Indonesian Culture
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The various forms and kinds of Indonesian textile is just another example of astounding heritage of Indonesian culture. The hand drawn pattern of Batik is one of the most beautifully crafted style for clothing that can be used by anyone, from men to women, from kids to adults. 

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The great thing about this is that a lot of places from around the country will have their own kind of batik pattern, which also contributes to the uniqueness of the culture for the people who are interested in it. Each of them will have their own waveforms, color, and technique on how to achieve the original look of their Batik.

2. Wayang a traditional shadow puppets

Wayang has been used for hundreds of years by the ancient people of Indonesia descent to tell the stories of epics, such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. Usually, the original forms of Wayang will only tell stories of ancient epic and myths. And the great thing about this is that some of them will even last for a few nights. It’s like watching theater, but the story will continue from nightfall to dawn for more than two or three nights.

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But usually, the modern usage of Wayang will be more moderately done. Some of the stories are modified to meet with the today’s culture and shorter show times. It is a bit sad that we can’t frequently see Wayang shows nowadays in the country.

3. Shell artworks

Known as one of the counties with the longest shoreline, it is not surprising to see that Indonesia has a various beautiful beaches that you can visit. And because of that, some creative artists use the natural abundance of shell on the beach to create beautiful artworks and accessories that you can buy. Various arts can be seen from this, from the beautiful jewelries you can use daily to expensive artworks that can be eligible to be shown at art galleries.

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Some places in the country are also the natural habitat for pearl clams. Therefore, if you are a pearl lover, you might be able to find some with great price offering in the country.

4. Wood carving

Understanding Beautiful Arts of Indonesian Culture
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One of the most known accessories that you can buy from Indonesia is wood carvings. Bali is one of the places that will provide these things to tourist. Usually, the woods will be carved with traditional and ancient forms to bring the authenticity of the carvings. They are indeed very great to be used as a decoration once you get to your home country.