5 Great Reasons Why Indonesia Is Getting More Important in the World

Indonesia’s importance in the world lately has been one the great topics that a lot people talk about, especially in the international forum. This might be caused by the fact that Indonesia is getting its feet in more and more interaction with the other countries. 

And this is great because, for the last few decades, this country has only been seen as a developing country with little significance in the world. But hold up, because we have a lot of reasons why people should now count on the existence of this beautiful country.

1. Indonesia is located in one of the most important trading route

With its position near Malaysia and Singapore, Indonesia holds a position where it can have a great impact on international trading route. 

Indonesia importance in the world
Cargo ships that come from Europe to China and vice versa will have to go through Malacca strait which is east of Sumatra, an Indonesian island. Billions of dollar and a lot of job opportunities had come out from this fact alone.

2. A lot of beautiful places around the country

Indonesia is known for its beautiful beaches and mountains, including the island of Bali and the gorgeous Mount Bromo. 

Not only that, lakes and other tourist destinations are available to be explored if you are in Indonesia. This makes this country as one of the best vacation sites for you. In fact, millions of foreign tourist come to this country every year to enjoy the places.

3. Indonesia’s membership with most international official forums

Indonesia’s position in the international economic map is also getting more significant with their cooperation with other developed countries on international organizations. A lot of issues that the world is facing will also be helped by this country, including bringing peace to a lot of areas with conflict around the world.

4. GDP value that is getting higher and higher

With the world’s economic that has been pretty much stagnant for the last few years, Indonesia seems to be immune with this struggle. Even though it’s a bit slow, but the economic growth is there to ensure the people of this country that they are doing just as well. With this effect, it is not impossible that Indonesia will be one of the new developed countries in the near future.

5. Large users of mobile internet

The large population of Indonesia also affect the way they use the internet. Mobile internet is one of the things that people in this country use, especially for social media. This makes Indonesia as one of the best places for the social media companies to put their money to.

Great Reasons Why Indonesia Is Getting More Important in the World
Also, this will contribute to the growth of new jobs in the technology field. In fact, there are now a lot of tech startups coming up in this country to offer various service for Indonesians. So, we can only hope that Indonesia’s importance in the world will always soar in the future and will contribute to the better condition on the people who are living in it.