Best Flores Traveling Site: the Mysterious Three Colored Lakes Worth to Witness

Have you been to Flores before? If not, there is one site that I don’t want you to miss there. When it comes to Flores, you’ve got to visit Mount Kelimutu no matter what. Why? It is because there are mysterious three colored lakes within the summit of the craters. They are not your average lake at all. What so mysterious about it is the colors of the lake water and how they change, making them the best Flores traveling site in Indonesia.

Where to Find the Site and When to Visit It Kelimutu  Lake

As clear as it can be, these three colored lakes we are talking about here can be found in Flores. To be more specific, they are located within the summit of Mount Kelimutu in Kelimutu National Park. There is small town called Moni nearby, so you should be able to spot the mount as it is tall as well to begin with. It would be about 50km to the east of Ende of Central Flores Island and take 4 hours long ride from the city of Flores, Maumere.

Mysterious Three Colored Lakes
This best traveling site of Flores would be great to witness with your own eyes when dry season comes in. The best time during the season would be July or August. Well, you get to be prepared for many people would go there at such time. Make an effort of visiting the summit during the sunrise. Although you might have to wake up early at 3.30am, what you will witness there would be so dramatic beyond words. You won’t regret it.

What’s So Great About These Three Lakes

As the best Flores traveling site, these lakes are not just normal kind with water within the summit of a mountain. They are special because there is natural occurring phenomenon happening there, so amazing that it looks pretty mysterious without too much consideration of the nature. Upon your visit at the summit, you will witness the ever-changing colors of the lake water. They vary amongst themselves. It is not a common thing to happen.

Kelimutu  Lake
The change of the colors is so dramatic yet remains interestingly unpredictable. The colors can change from blue, green, red, or black, making it all the more dramatic to see, especially during the sunrise. Also, local people living around this best Flores site for travelling believe that the lakes are the resting place of the dead and they will sit by the lakes in accordance to the merits of their life. The lakes are named based on this matter.

Best Flores Traveling Site
There is Tiwu ata Mbupu which means the Lake of Old People. On the westernmost of the rest of the two lakes, this lake is one which often looks blue. Meanwhile, the other two would be Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai and is often green and Tiwu Ata Polo which means Bewitched and is often red. Witness these mysterious lakes! It is the best Flores traveling site for us to visit.

Description: Best Flores traveling site in Indonesia lies within the summit of Mount Kelimutu. There are three lakes with ever-changing colors worth to witness.