Indonesian Traveling in Lombok: Get the Remote Island Experience of Gili Islands

If you want to travel to Indonesia, I’m sure the island that will come to your mind would be none other than Bali. However, even Bali has specific places you better not miss at all. One of them would be Lombok. If you miss remote island experience then, I suggest you to visit its Gili Islands. Yes, there is more than one island to visit there. Give me the chance to tell you the idea of Indonesian traveling in Lombok, specifically to those islands here.

How Gili Islands Are Known in Overall Way

Indonesian Traveling in Lombok
Gili Islands in Lombok is known as an archipelago of 3 islands. They are located side by side in one close line near the main land. The names of those 3 islands are Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. Why these islands are recommended for offering you remote island experience for Lombok Indonesian traveling is because they are all still maintained to be all natural. Of course, it is not just about having more greenery and such.

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You will get natural theme in just every aspect in the three islands. Small huts are what you can expect as the resorts of the islands. Motorized vehicles are not allowed, so you have to bear with it by only walking, bicycling, or riding horse-drawn carriage (cidomo). That being said, the three islands are worth and more enjoyable to explore in such a way. So, your fatigue will be paid off for sure. It will be refreshing experience to hang out too.

The Three Islands of Gili in Lombok to Visit

 Three Islands of Gili in Lombok
Out of the three, the closest island to the mainland would be Gili Air. Indonesian traveling in Lombok won’t be fun with you skipping this one. There, you will be able to find many stylish bungalows with palm trees shading them. They make comfortable place to rest and relax. Not to mention, Gili Air is known for being the best spot to watch both sunset and sunrise in beautiful way. Watching the sun sets and rises has always been breath taking there.

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The next island after Gili Air is called Gili Meno. Being the middle island between the three, you can expect good things from this one as well. Besides being all natural, this island is one that is known for its amazingly blue sea. You will also be able to see the infinite horizon stretching in the distance. Travelling to Lombok Indonesia is worth to spend every penny if you get to watch such amazing scenery. I recommend this island much for you.

The last island which is the furthest one from the main land is one called Gili Trawangan. It is one that is known for its lot. Also, this is the island where you can expect to see its party scene. You get weekly party there to see where the party is done for as much as 3 times. You can say that Gili Trawangan is one lively island in Lombok. However, this is what makes Indonesian traveling in Lombok worth to do. You will have great time there.

Indonesian Traveling in Lombok Get the Remote Island Experience of Gili Islands
Description: Indonesian traveling in Lombok should not miss the tour to the archipelago of 3 Gili Islands. Each island has great things to offer.