The Secret Dive Destination of Indonesia: The Togean Islands of Northern Sulawesi

Indonesia is a state with numerous islands, ranging from the main lands to the small ones around. Since it is a state of archipelago, there is as much islands as the sea. When it comes to that, I am sure that you are eager to discover every secret dive destination of Indonesia. One of the top ones would be the Togean Islands in Northern Sulawesi. Let me tell you some more about this destination in this opportunity. This dive destination is worth learning.

What Makes the Togean Islands Best for Diving

Surely, you would want clear reasons as to why these islands are pretty much worth to dive in, right? Well, there are various reasons for it. First than anything, this secret dive site of Indonesia is situated in fortunate spots. Togian Islands are kind of in the midst of Northern Sulawesi. This is what makes them somewhat lost in between the midst. However, this in fact makes the islands having many unexplored areas worth to dive in and discover.

Togean Islands of Northern Sulawesi
Even with 56 small islands, there have only been 3 dive sites among them. It just shows that many potential dive sites might just remain untouched. Since not many divers know this, you can try to make some explorations yourself without anything disturbing you. Not to mention, the water is clean and pristine, making it all the more interesting and feeling like you own the dive site just for yourself. You will surely get a bunch of fun there.

How to Get to Togean Islands in North Sulawesi

If you are interested in discovering this secret dive destination of Indonesia yourself, there are two ways you can get there for sure. The fastest way to do is by taking flight right to Luwuk Sulawesi. Once you arrive there, you can charter car and head to Ampana. From this point, you will have to go on a boat to reach Wakai in Togean Islands. There are other routes to take too, but the fastest has always been more convenient one to take, right?

How about if we make our landing in South Sulawesi? Can we just go by land? Well, of course you can. From Tana Toraja, you need to take bus trip from Rantepao to reach Ampana. It would take as much as 14 hours to get there, so be patient. You are going by land after all. Once you arrive, take a boat to Wakai in Togian Islands. It should take you around 4 hours at most to finally make your arrival in this Indonesian secret dive destination.

Since it is by land, you can be happy for it wouldn’t be as costly as the one by flight right to Luwuk before. It makes the perfect choice for backpackers on budget. Now then, don’t you want to see this secret dive site yourself? Don’t regret it later for there is no guarantee that this dive destination of Indonesia will remain untouched forever. More divers will come and might make some discoveries first. So, don’t hesitate any longer and visit the place!

Togean Islands Secret Dive Destination of Indonesia
Description: Dive destination of Indonesia has secret point in Togean Islands in the Northern Sulawesi. With much untouched potential sites, the islands are a big place to explore.