Bir Pletok, The Imitation Beer from Jakarta Indonesia

Nowadays, beer or alcohol becomes the rising star and people begin to have a gossip in this matter. Some people agree and the rest obviously reject the legalization of this drink. For those who negative, they convince that it will ruin people’s life because they are under controlled by alcohol. This leads to accidents, violence, abuse, and etc. On the other hand, those, positive side, will give the issue and proof that the legalization in appropriate management will decrease the problem of alcohol abuse. Letting those problem goes like an arrow, Indonesia has a beer which does not content any alcohol, Indonesian pletok beer.

History of Bir Pletok Traditional Beer from Jakarta (Betawi)

Bir pletok (pletok beer). It comes from Betawi which is claimed as the first race in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. In the earlier, Dutch colonized that city; the shoulders were consuming alcohol in a large drum and having party with the music. This activity made the surrounding youth was jealous to do that. They came to the camp and taste that water which contents of alcohol. They were surprised because the water was an alcohol.

Indonesian pletok beer
As long as the overwhelming majority of Betawi was Moslem, they were forbidden to drink it. It can be seen that their traditional attire is rimless cap and sarong. To measure, Betawi looked for the ingredients to make it without alcohol taste. The historian also said that this idea was to make an equal culture with Dutch since they were underestimated. They began their experiments with the fermentation and extraction of the fruits, but it does not work. At last, they take some spices as the main ingredients.

Ingredients Indonesian pletok beer

bir pletok

Indonesian pletok beer is the combinations of main ginger and lemongrass. As the additional things, they combine wit with pandanus to obtain the natural smell. To serve it, there are two options whether it is cold or warm. Yet, some people agree that the taste is magnificent when it is in the cold temperature. Uniquely, the color of this drink is red which comes from the extraction of sepang. In this modern day, this drink has some variants taste because of the extra ingredients such as clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom.

The name pletok itself comes from the onomatopoeia. When pletok beer is poured in the glass, there is a little pop as the sound. Mostly, people think that the taste will be bitter or acid like the original beer. Yet, it is sweet and warm inside the gut. Besides, there is no a sensation of biting soda on the tongue. It is also believed that this liquid is health for the body since the ingredients are full of spices.

Bir Pletok, The Imitation Beer from Jakarta Indonesia
Until now, Indonesian pletok beer has existed and it is easy to find there in the Betawi shop. Moreover, people still use this beer as the welcoming drink in celebrations such as wedding. In Jakarta, there are many places that sell this liquid. Some of them are Mpok Nini Shop. They are prepared it some bottles and it will stay longer if we brink it as the gift.

Descriptions: Indonesian pletok beer is a young innovation in culinary made from Betawi and it supports our health because of the main ingredients.