Indonesia Tour Guide: Things to Do in the World Heritage Site of Bukit Lawang

There are many provinces in Indonesia, each with different and interesting places to visit and explore. Talking about Sumatra, I bet you will have so much fun visiting many new places there. Still, I want you to consider its World Heritage Site for sure. When it comes to Sumatra, it would be Bukit Lawang that has indeed been included in UNESCO listing. So, what kind of things can we do in that place? Let me tell you in this Indonesia tour guide here.

Jungle Trekking to Get Some Sights of Orangutans

World Heritage Site of Bukit Lawang Indonesia
Mainly, this is jungle trekking is one that you should not forget if you ever travel to Indonesia. Let me tell you in this touring Indonesia guide here. Bukit Lawang is all about wild flora and fauna, and the star of this nature site in Sumatra would be none other than Orangutans. As you know, there are not that much Orangutan found around the world now. In order to maintain its chance of survival, Orangutans have been kept under good protection.

Well, even if there might not be that many of them now, but Bukit Lawang is where you can mostly find them. So, do some jungle treks with your group and get accompany of the local guide. As you walk through the jungle enjoying the natural habitat and relaxing in a nice waterfall, the guide will tell you all you need to know about Bukit Lawang. If you are lucky enough, you should be able to get some sights of Orangutans in their habitat as well.

Tubing and Kayaking On the River of Bukit Lawang

I would not say in this Indonesia tour guide that jungle trekking is the only thing you can do in Bukit Lawang, Sumatra. There are actually many things to do there. However, besides jungle trekking, I suggest that you’ve got to try playing in the river of Bukit Lawang. Having fun in such place can be nice in its own way. It would be refreshing to touch the water in the middle of green place, like Bukit Lawang. So, why not trying of doing some tubing?

You play by using an inner-tube to float down the river. While it can be fun in itself, you need to be careful for the water currents. They can be too strong for tubing after all. Other than this though, you can always do some kayaking as well. Of course, there will be kayak ready for use in the river. So, you can just hop on and enjoy the water and the streams while having fun paddling the kayak. Indonesia tour of Sumatra takes fun to the fullest.

Indonesia Tour Guide: Things to Do in the World Heritage Site of Bukit Lawang
Other than jungle trekking, tubing, or kayaking though, there are actually other things you can do in Bukit Lawang. You can do things from walking around rice fields or rubber plantation, to visiting the bat cave, to simply shopping around as well. Just make sure that you don’t miss doing those main activities above. They should be the firsts you need to try in Bukit Lawang. Now that you learn much from this Indonesia tour guide, consider going there.

Description: Indonesian tour guide in Sumatra would often lead us to the famous World Heritage Site of Bukit Lawang. Jungle trekking, tubing, and kayaking are the funs there.