Hiking in Indonesia: The Ijen Crater and Mount Kerinci

Just as many islands, beaches, jungles, and sea in Indonesia, there are as many volcanos and mountains to hike as well. Sure, every one of them makes great site to visit during your travel. However, there are 2 sites for hiking in Indonesia that are noteworthy for their amazing lakes. Let me tell you those 2 noteworthy sites here. Who knows you might just be interested in one or even both of them? Let’s me explain more here then.

The Volcano Mount Ijen in Java, Indonesia

The Ijen Crater
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Mount Ijen is one of the most popular sites to hike in Indonesia. This mount is locally known as Kawah Ijen which means Ijen Crater in English. What makes it so popular is because it has interesting lake within its summit. The lake of this crater has always been offering turquoise sulphur color that looks magnificently beautiful. How can it be so? It is because this lake is the world’s largest acidic kind. Thus, it gives such color shines beautifully.

The Ijen Crater
During the day, you will discover that the lake will produce smoky white too. However, it is not the same case at night. In fact, the night is the time that most people look forward to the most, to hike this amazing volcano mount. Why, of course, it is because Ijen Crater will produce blue flames only when the night comes. This is the very reason that many hikers have been so eager to go through the dark of the night just to witness this very view.

The Volcano Mountain Kerinci of Sumatra

The second of the noteworthy sites for hiking in Indonesia we recommend here is known to be the highest volcano in Indonesia. Located within the Kerinci Seblat National Park, this mountain is one that is pretty much surrounded with much greenery around. It is not only that. What makes this mountain noteworthy to hike and see is because it is one with lakes as well. However, they are not found within the crater of the mountain there.

Mount Kerinci

Instead, the lakes are there surrounding the mountain. Not to mention, there are up to 15 lakes in total with the highest being called Seven Mountains Lake and the biggest being called Kerinci Lake. Indonesian sites to hike can be this amazing, indeed. Not to mention, the national park the mountain is in is the home to endangered species, like Sumatran Tiger and Sumatran Rhinoceros. As you make trip to the mount, you might get a sight of them.

Which one you choose would still give you the best hiking experience ever in Indonesia. Each site above has its own uniqueness to offer even of both are being categorized as the ones with lakes. Hiking is worth doing in such mountains for you will get to see unusual sight of lakes that are just priceless. Your fatigue will be gone as you see the magnificent look of them. These sites for hiking in Indonesia sure are noteworthy ones, aren’t they?

Hiking in Indonesia: The Ijen Crater and Mount Kerinci

Description: Sites for hiking in Indonesia include Ijen Crater in Java with its turquoise water lake and blue fames at night and Mount Kerinci in Sumatra with 15 lakes surrounding it.