Beautiful and Calm Swimmers’ Paradise in Indonesia: Padang-Padang Beach and Lovina Beach

Since there are many water and sea in Indonesia, I am sure that you would expect to do some water activities there. Absolutely, you can realize your dream in various places in Indonesia. However, we would say that the best swimmers’ paradise in Indonesia lies mostly in Bali. There are two beaches there we want you to consider here. There is the beautiful Padang-Padang Beach and the calm Lovina Beach. Let me explain more about them here.

Padang-Padang Beach Close to Uluwatu Temple

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If you ever plan to go to Bali and make a visit to Uluwatu Temple, we suggest you to take the time to discover its beautiful beach near the temple. This beach is called Padang-Padang Beach and is characterized by big rocks and overgrown plants surroundings. With the sight of the blue sea and the green of the plants growing all over the rocks, the view of the scene itself is enough to captivate our hearts, as expected from Indonesian paradise for swimmers.

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It is not only that though. You can expect to see monkeys there too. Well, besides having large rocks, there are some caves too to explore. When the tide is high enough, you will be able to swim in this amazing place. There are many corals and sea urchins to enjoy while still being careful as well. Because of this, this beach has become more crowded than usual these days. If you don’t want to lose to them, be sure to visit this beach in Bali.

Lovina Beach Located in the North of Bali

The name of the second swimmers’ paradise in Indonesia we have here has quite a nice ring to it. Yes, you get Lovina Beach as your next option here. Located in the North of Bali, you will soon discover that this beach has black sands. The sands were originally from the cooled lava of Mt Agung volcano after all. If you think that beaches with white sands are too common in Bali, you can be sure to visit Lovina Beach to enjoy its black sands instead.

Well, of course, its black sands are not the only things you can expect from this beach. As it was said earlier, Lovina Beach is one of the paradise-like sites for swimmer existed in Indonesia. This beach has its own charm even when compared to the Padang-Padang Beach earlier. What you get from this beach is that it has calm sea and low waves. That is why it makes perfect place to swim in Bali without even worrying about frequent high waves.

Not to mention, this beach is generally quiet. There is not as much tourists as the other beaches. It is not like this beach is not good to visit to begin with though. It is just that there have been not that much people yet to realize the charm of this beach. While it is not crowded yet, it makes the best place to swim to the fullest. At sunrise, you might be able to catch dolphins as well. Truly, it is right to call Lovina as the swimmers’ paradise in Indonesia.

Description: Swimmers’ paradise in Indonesia can be found in precisely in Bali for there are the beautiful Padang-Padang Beach and the calm Lovina Beach.