Famous Fruit and Vegetable Indonesian Salad

Traveling to another country is not just capturing the moments and events to be a profile picture in social media. Further, it extends our knowledge about relating cultures and it leads to open-minded thinking. However, deciding not to travel often comes to some people mind, especially for vegetarians. This will be boundaries for them to have food choices. Regarding to this, Indonesian cuisines are well-known with beef and rice as the top of delicious food in the world. Perhaps, there is a lack of information about this since this country also has famous Indonesian salad.

Karedok, West Java Salad

Karedok is special Indonesian salad which from Sundanese, west java, Indonesia. Those people are absolutely famous with their appetite with vegetables. This can be said that they always involve their food with vegetables. Generally, this salad is made from raw vegetables. In fact, there is nothing process cook such as boiling, frying, and etc. This has some compositions like another salad, but it has additional ingredients to make it much tastier. For one portion, it mostly includes ingredients such as: 

50 g Chinese long bean, 2 cabbage leaves, 1 cucumber in middle size, 50 bean sprout, 2 small chilies, 1 tsp Tamarind, 1 tsp palm sugar, 100 g roasted peanuts, ½ tsp shrimp paste, 2 cm equal with ¼ galingale, 50 ml hot water, ½ tsp salt, and 1 cloves garlic. 

Famous Fruit and Vegetable Indonesian Salad

For all of the vegetables, they should be cleaned with fresh water and drained them. Afterward, to make Indonesian salad is started by slicing all of the vegetables in desire shape. In detail, another ingredient will be the sauce. Those are peanuts, palm sugar, salt, shrimp, and chilies grinded with blender or mortar. 

Lotek Yogyakarta 

Then, those are poured with hot water and tamarind to make it smooth. The last, it is mixed all and they are ready to be served. Another famous Indonesian salad is lotek, mixed vegetables with peanut sauce dressing which comes from Yogyakarta. In this city, every food and drink are well-known with the sweet taste. In fact, the spicy food is quite hard to find here. This food has a similarity the previous salad but, there is no an additional tamarind and shrimp. 

Also, all of the vegetables are boiled and it has a lontong or rice cake. For those who dislike this cuisine, it can be ignored. Another salad that can be tried is asinan pickled fruits. This one is completely different since the ingredients are made from fruits. This special salad is made from west java, Indonesia. Generally, to make this salad is quite easy; the main ingredients are salt, vinegar, and fruits.

Fruit and vegetable

Famous Fruit and Vegetable Indonesian Salad
Mainly, the food that can be made has a hard texture such as mango, strawberry, jack fruit, and another which has a similar characteristic. However, this can be combined with the vegetable as well. The treatments are slightly the same. Those are four original salads from Indonesia with different taste and characteristics. Those variants, famous Indonesian salad, are only in Java and it is possible that other archipelagoes have another special salad as well. 

Descriptions: famous Indonesian salad is not only in Java. They are separated almost in the entire Indonesia’s archipelagoes with their own unique.