True Gem to Discover for Bali Traveling in Indonesia: the Floating Temple of Lake Bratan

When it comes to Bali traveling in Indonesia, visiting temples would be one of the things worth to do there. However, don’t just explore the already-famous ones. Pay attention to little places Bali has to offer and you will be able to find a true gem worth to discover. I would say one of those places would be the floating temple at the Lake Bratan. Yes, it really is floating on the lake water. Let me tell you some more about this temple here then.

The Pura Ulun Danu Temple at the Lake Bratan

Let’s learn some of its earliest history first before we move on to what we can expect from this floating temple when traveling to Bali Indonesia. Speaking about its earliest days when it was first build in the land of Bali, it is said that this floating was built in honor of the famous trinity. Yes, they are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. With this intention in mind, this temple was built way back in the 17th century during the reign of Mengwi kingdom.

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While it has such purpose of building this temple, today this temple serves for certain thing. Yes, this temple is actually used to worship the lake’s goddess named Dewi Danu. There are of course rituals and festivals done in this temple. It is not something that is abandoned just because it is not as much popular as the other big temples in Bali. Visiting this place is not just about learning its religious activities, but also enjoying its great structure.

What Makes It Worth to Visit Pura Ulun Danu

Well, there are lots of things that make Pura Ulun Dalu Temple worth to visit if you ever plan to do Bali traveling in Indonesia. First than anything, the fact that it is built to float on the lake water is the first and obvious charm of this temple. Not all temples in Bali are built like this after all. That is why this temple gives you certain uniqueness that is just different than the others. It is not only that though that this temple can surely offer to you.

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As it was said before, its building itself makes another reason that makes this temple worth to visit. The temple appears to have been designed with thatched roof that is layered with the design of pagoda structure. With it being at the edge of the temple, you can see the reflections of its size and beauty on the lake water. Don’t you think it is nice reason to come visit this temple? Indonesia’s Bali traveling should include this temple in the list.

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Simply enjoying the grandeur of the temple is a great chance to get. Its structure is a work of rich details that is praise worthy after all. If you want to expect more from it, you can go visit the temple when the festival is held. While enjoying the beauty of the temple, you can expect to get a real treat from the festival. Don’t worry! There are many festivals held there, so be sure to not miss this place when you plan to do Bali traveling in Indonesia.

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Description: Bali traveling in Indonesia should include Pura Ulun Danu, the floating temple at Lake Bratan in the list. It has uniqueness worth to witness yourself.