Healthy Foods for Improving the Beautiful Skins

Treating the skin can be conducted in many ways and one of them is through consuming healthy food for skin. When it comes to healthy foods which are great for skin, there are several foods which can be known and some of them will be presented in the short information below.


The first healthy food for skin is strawberry. This type of fruit belongs to the foods which are great for treating your skin. It is because this type of fruits contains the vitamin C which can deliver many benefits for your body. 

healthy food for skin

Besides that, this vitamin is also useful for protecting your body from the free-radicals which can be destroys the skin cells and breaks the collagen. Consuming more strawberry can be helpful to make your skin healthy and smooth. Besides this type of fruit, you can also consume the other fruits or veggies which are rich in vitamin C.

Green Tea

Another healthy food which is helpful for making your skin healthy is green tea. You can consume green tea regularly if you want to have sun protection. 

This type of tea contains antioxidants EGCG which can be helpful to moisturize your skin, recover the bad skin and prevent the disturbance of DNA. You can drink this type of tea. Besides that, you can also apply the green tea cream in your body. All of the two ways can make your skin healthier and smoother.


Another food which can be consumed for your healthy skin is spinach. This belongs to the foods, veggies exactly which are loved by Popeye. Spinach contains the healthy properties which are needed for the body. This veggie contains vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidants, and even contain the high vitamin C. 

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Vitamin A is so helpful for moisturizing your skin. Meanwhile, the vitamin C will stimulate the production and treatment of collagen. Besides that, Vitamin E contained in Spinach is also useful for protecting your skin from the direct UV light. In addition, this veggie also contains the antioxidants which can prevent the skin disturbance because of the free-radicals. 

Olive Oil

Another food which is so useful for keeping your skin healthy is olive oil. This type of oil is known as one of the healthiest foods which can be consumed. This type of food can be consumed by adding this type of oil in the certain foods. 

This type of food contains vitamin E and antioxidants which are so useful for your healthy skin. Besides that, if you consume this type of oil regularly, you will help your body to heal the inflammation as well as protects the free-radicals which can make your skin worse. 


The last, but not least, healthy food for skin which can be tried is consuming squash. This type of fruit also has benefits for your skin body. This fruit contains Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E which can neutralize the free radicals in the skins. Besides that, this fruit is also useful for moisturizing the skin. In addition, this fruit also contain an enzyme which can be helpful for cleansing skin.
Healthy Foods for Improving the Beautiful Skins

Description: Healthy foods for skin are squash, strawberry, olive oil, spinach, green tea. You must try consuming all of healthy food for better life.