Culture Shock in Indonesia

For travelling, European and American are the overwhelming majority. I think foreigners have an adventure blood since the story of great adventure such as Christopher Columbus influence their mind. In fact, there are some cultures and habits that shock us. Especially if we come to Indonesia, here are some shocked-habits in Indonesia and how to solve it. 

Look at uncomfortably 

First, Indonesia is a huge country and its contents more than 500 islands and they are in different races. However, they have similar attitude to see the foreigners. Indonesian will look at a foreign deeply. 

This must be something weird for us especially foreigners with white skin and tall. Perhaps, this is something new and we also feel uncomfortable because there are eyes are watching us. In this case, Indonesian is not trying to do something bad. 

Culture Shock in Indonesia
In the contrary, Indonesian is curious and the question will appear on their mind such as, “why they are here, where they are going to, how come they know this place, and more complicated questions. In fact, they are not conscious that they look foreign in such way. To handle thing shocked-habits in Indonesia, as a foreign, we can nod our head and smile. Automatically, they will smile back. 

To be an artist instantly

Second, become an artist is everybody’s dream. A lot of journalist will interview us while the cameramen are capturing our images. In Indonesia, we will be them instantly if we also show a gesture of a welcoming. 

At the first time, Indonesian shocked-habits will make you so happy, but it can turn into annoying feeling because this requests coming repetitively. The more we travel in Indonesia, the more pictures that we know. To handle this, we can say politely such, ’I am sorry/no’ or giving a gesture with our hand. 

Third, shocked-habit is a sharing food during travelling such on the train or ship. The problem, perhaps we dislike their cuisine based on the appearance or we are afraid that there will be a poison. The proof, they also eat the food that they offer directly. If we reject it, they will give us a second chance until we show an expression of serious rejection. 

To measure, saying no is a polite way or touching your belly as the sign that we are already full. It is noted that some particular food from Indonesia is spicy. If we are curious, it is better to ask a sip ate and try more if we like.

Fourth shocked-habits in Indonesia, Indonesia is located in tropical line; this makes the season only dry or rain. In rain, we will see umbrella taxi. They work to take someone to another place when they do not bring an umbrella. 

shocked-habits in Indonesia

They cannot bring us quite far, but the sensation is like-lady walking on the red carpet. Fifth, asking a place to go can be so annoying. As a native, they know every corner street name whether the quickest way or the safeties way. Generally, they will answer the question in detail. 

Descriptions: Culture shock in Indonesia is a paradox. It is happy but exhausted. Here are some habits that may annoy us and how to handle.