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“Just an extra ordinary blog dedicated to my beloved father, a man who lived with stroke and got paralyze for the rest of his life”

Hi everyone, I’m just an ordinary blogger, live in Indonesia. 
I love to writing and you can find my wrote on this blog, just go through the every single article you see on this blog. Lot of things you can find on such as Traditional Medical from Indonesia, Travel Destination and other interest which is viral in Indonesia. At the end of this section you’ll realize this blog contain so many different things.

This section will tell you the truth about my capability writing in English, sometimes while you’re read what write you can may say “Grammar, please!”..
Oh, almost forget. My name is Om Ucu or my nephew usually call me that way, single man and also handsome (at least my mother said that). This blog I already name, a name without keyword and niche for sure. 

I’m also a dog and cat lover who dreaming someday have my own shelter for orphan dogs and cats. OK then, happy reading hopefully this blog don’t make you bore and you’ll back here in the future. God bless you whoever you are. Amen.

Disclaimer :
If you as a creator of photos, article that I use for my citation feel disadvantaged for what I’ve done, just go hit contact page, I will delete it for 2x24 hours. Share the articles of this blog if you love what I wrote here and give you some knowledge also add my blog for your source of the articles.

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